Does it snow in Australia?

The big, amazing country of Australia is home of some of the most amazing places in the whole word. From their beautiful beaches, their incredible cities and the ever impressive Sydney Theatre… Australia really is something else.

If you are looking to travel this incredible country, then you might want to take a minute to know a bit more about their climate, how is the weather like, and whether does it snow in Australia or not.


    Does it snow in Australia? 🇦🇺

    🌤 Climate of Australia


    Australia is both a country, and somewhat also a continent as well. Due to its massive size, you would think their weather would be extremely different from zone to zone… And it is, but not quite in the way you think.

    Overall, the country of Australia has a pretty common tropical weather. This is mostly to its geographical location, and the fact they are constantly getting hot blows of air coming straight from subtropical belt.

    However, even when Australia IS a hot, tropical country, the truth is that it does experience snow in some places, which is pretty impressive when you consider this country has incredible hot beaches just nearby.

    As to the seasons, most of the country get to experience the four regular seasons, meaning: winter, spring, summer and autumn. However, this doesn’t happen everywhere in the country.

    Which parts of the country experience the four seasons and which just happen to have a wet and dry season (something very similar to only having summer and winter with a lot of rain instead of snow), will depend on the zone of the country you are talking about.

    To give you an idea, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are four different cities of Australia, and although they have similar weathers, Sydney and Melbourne tend to be a bit warmer than the other two during winter time.

    Then there’s the Northern Territory, which only has two seasons: the wet season (from November to April) and the dry one (from May to October). There's no real spring or autumn in this region.

    🌨 When does it snow in Australia?

    Believe it or not, it does snow in Australia, just not quite in the way you might think. Since it is such a warm, tropical country, if it happens to snow, it will only do so during the winter time.

    Now, Australia experiences the seasons on different times than the rest of the world. You see, their winter time happens from June to August, then spring from September to November, then summer from December to February, and last but not least, autumn from May to July.

    Of course, it snows during the winter time, specifically during its peak time, meaning in August, since the weather is considerably still warm during the first weeks of July.

    You could say this is their snow season: first weeks of August. It is a very short, brief snow season, and it only happens in certain places, but still, it is a snow season.

    Sadly, since the snow season happens in August, it means it doesn’t snow during Christmas time. Actually, it’s a very tropical-like Christmas season in Australia.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Australia?

    If you are looking for snow in this country, you need to travel south, since it is in this region were it snows during the peak of the winter time. The south region of Australia refers to New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

    How much does it snow in Australia?

    If you come to any of the places located in the south of the country, specifically towards the mountains, the truth is you can expect more than just a few inches of snow.

    Actually, during winter time, there’s so much snow in the region, there are several places that turn into a tourist attraction for people who are looking for winter resorts!

    Keep in mind, however, there is still quite a bit of rain during the winter season, even in the coldest places, so it is important to be prepared to experience rain while you are there.

    Skiing in Australia

    There are a few beautiful skiing resorts in Australia where you can go to during the winter and enjoy the snow, do some skiing around and even get a glimpse of the wild life!

    Does it snow in Australia?

    Lake Mountain, Victoria

    This incredible mountain is the perfect family destination to enjoy during the winter time. You will find very easy to access there and you can go either on your own or by booking a tour there with many of the local companies who will drop you off and pick you up as well!

    Once in the mountain you’ll be able to skii, play with the snow, snowboard and other winter activities! Plus, the view from up there is quite impressive, so you can take some amazing pictures as well!

    Thredbo, New South Wales

    If you are up to a more exciting trip up the snow mountains, you have to visit Thredbo! It is a mountain for those who like a bit of hiking and rough path before finally reaching the skiing area, but the trip is definitely worth it! Plus, you can even book a tour and do the trip with experienced hikers!

    Alpine Way, Snowy Mountains

    Located in Kosciuszko National Park, the Snowy Mountains are one of Australia's top winter destinations. The place is packed with tourist from all around the world that are looking to indulge in snowboarding, skiing, and enjoying the breathtaking views this place has to offer!

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