Does it snow in China?

China, one of the world’s biggest economy, with love for breakthrough technology and amazing food. China, the same country that has the world’s most famous Great Wall and the famous Forbidden City.

Without a doubt, there’s a certain tone of mystery regarding China, something about their culture, their incredible natural locations, and even their strange weather.





Sichuan Province

Inner Mongolia


20 inches


    ❄ Does it snow in China? 🇨🇳

    ⛅ Climate of China

    Due to its massive size (China is one of the biggest countries in the hole world), the climate of this country changes a lot from region to region, which causes several different weathers to coexist in the same space.

    That being said, you shouldn’t be so surprised by finding out China actually has a total of six different climates within the country’s borders, all completely different from one another.

    First, there’s the tropical climate, followed by the subtropical one, warm and middle temperate climate, then it suddenly changes to a cold temperate climate and last, but definitely not least, Plateau climate.

    However, it is important to mention that most regions of the country are subtropical, meaning that’s the main climate in China, although the other five still happen in other regions.

    This of course leads to the fact not every part of the country experience the four seasons the same way, specially winter time, which can be vary depending on where you are from.

    Of course this also means China get to experience a great lot of hot and humid days, getting close to experience a really intense subtropical weather almost all year long.

    🌨 When does it snow in China?

    In total, China has four very distinct seasons: fall or autumn, summer, spring and winter time. As you would expect, these season happen during the same months than it does in the rest of the world.

    However, depending on where you are or the region you are currently visiting, these seasons can be completely different from one another, specially winter time.

    • Spring time usually starts in March all the way through May.
    • Then comes summertime, from June all the way through August.
    • After that comes fall time from September through November.
    • Then winter time from December to February.

    Now, let’s talk about winter time. You see, although all of China experience this season, it is especially noticeable up in the north of the country, when winter tends to be more harsh than in the other regions.

    In the northern regions of China, temperatures can drop significantly, meanwhile in the southern regions of the country winter is actually shorter and can be even warm.

    Does it snow in China?

    That being said, winter time is also a synonym of snow time, and as you would guess, snow season usually starts during the coldest month, meaning January, which is when the temperatures are cold enough to get a great amount of snow. However, it could snow during December in the coldest parts of the country.

    Now, that of course leads us to another very important questions, which is: does it snow during Christmas? And the answers is sometimes. Of course, it will depend of the region where it snows, but it will also depend on how low the temperatures are.

    You see, the coldest the region is, there is actually a very good chance you will get to see snow during December, specially during Christmas time, if that’s what you’re looking for!

    🌨 Where does it snow in China?

    China gets snow in all its northern region, meanwhile the south and southwest actually don’t get snow at all, even when the winter time could be cold, there are no signs of snow.

    If you are traveling to China to experience snow during the winter time the very first is the providence of Beijing, since it’s one of the very few major touristic zones that get significantly amounts of snow.

    Then places like the Sichuan province, the Heilongjiang province and Inner Mongolia are also some of the places where you can find everything covered up in snow during the winter time.

    How much does it snow in China?

    The amount of snow you would usually get will directly depend on the region of the country. For example, the average snowfall in Beijing is about 22,7 inches during the winter time.

    Meanwhile other places such as Inner Mongolia could experience a bit less snow, having an average of 13,8 to 15,8 inches of snowfall a year (and this is considered one of the snowiest places in the country).

    Then you have places like Hebei and Tianjin which average snowfall are about 20,8 to 22,1 inches during the winter time, again being part of the snowiest places in China.

    Skiing in China

    Now that you know more about China climate, it is time for you to find out exactly where you can go to experience a bit of fun in the snow! Trust us, you’ll love each of these three places.

    The Yabuli Ski Resort

    Also known as the biggest and largest ski resort in the country, this place is simply incredible. Not only you have plenty of snow slopes to choose from, but there are several different snow activities for everyone to enjoy!

    Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

    Also a really huge ski resort, this one is close to the province of Beijing and has everything you could possibly wish for. It’s a great place for those looking not only to skiing around but to engage in other winter activities!

    The Changbaishan Ski Resort

    This particular resorts has 3000 meters of snow and two whole alpine pistes for everyone to enjoy! Not to mention is really easy to get there.

    So now you know everything about China’s weather, when does it snow, where and where to go to enjoy the snowy days! So what are you waiting for to discover this incredible country during winter time?

    Photos: Max Pixel, Ana Paula Hirama

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