Does it snow in Finland?

Finland, one of the world’s most beautiful countries in the world, with an amazing history behind it, and delicious food. Without a doubt, Finland might be small, but it is a beautiful, breathtaking country.

But today we aren’t going to talk about the beauty and history of Finland, but rather about their climate and how it is like to live in the country through every season of the year.










30 inches


    ❄ Does it snow in Finland? 🇫🇮

    ⛅ Climate of Finland

    Let’s get something straight, Finland is a very small country (you known, like most countries in Europe), but don’t let it fool you, they have a very unique climate due to their special location in the world.

    That being said, you shouldn’t be so surprised by finding out Finland doesn’t really have a much exotic climate, as a matter of fact, they have one of the most regular climates in all of Europe.

    Just to give you an idea, Finland has a very cold type of climate, specifically subarctic, which reigns in most of the country, followed by the warm summer humid continental, and finally the tundra climate, being the only three climates that coexist in this particular region.

    It is important to mention that due to their unique type of climates, Finland is actually a very cold country during most months of the year, although they do get to experience some sunny days as well.

    🌨 When does it snow in Finland?

    In total, Finland has four very distinct seasons, however, there are not very drastic changes between all of them, since, like we said, Finland is very cold almost all of the time.

    • Let’s start during spring, a season that usually starts in March all the way through May, during which temperatures are actually still really cold, with the average temperature being 32 °F (0 ºC).
    • Then comes everyone’s favorite season, also known as summer time, which happens from June to August, just like you would expect, and during which temperatures finally rise up to 68 °F (20 ºC).
    • After summer time, comes autumn or fall, which happens from September to November, a time during which the temperatures begin to drop up to 30,2 °F (-1 ºC), meaning they start to get colder than usual.
    • Finally comes winter time, and you guess it, it happens from December all the way to February, with the average temperatures usually staying under 26,6 °F (-3º C), although they might go lower.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Finland?

    Finland is one of the few countries in the world that actually gets snow everywhere, and we mean, everywhere. So if you want to see some snow, Finland is the perfect place to visit.

    Does it snow in Finland?

    Places like Helsinki, Lapland and Oulu get a low of snow during the winter times (and sometimes even during spring as well), but you could find snow pretty much anywhere in Finland if you ever visit.

    How much does it snow in Finland?

    The amount of snow you would usually get will directly depend on the region of the country. For example, the average snowfall in the whole country is about 30 inches annually.

    Of course, even when Finland gets snow almost everywhere, some places still tend to get more snow than others, so the average can greatly vary depending on where you are.

    Skiing in Finland

    Now that you know everything there’s to know about the climate of Finland, you are officially ready to experience some snow action! And we’ve got the top 3 resorts for you to do this:

    Pyhä Ski Resort

    This is probably the most popular resort in the country, and one of the most tourist-friendly there is. It's beautiful, packed with snow, and ready to receive you!

    Saariselkä Ski & Sport Resort

    This particular resort is located a little bit far away from the rest of the other resorts, but it is completely worth the trip, and you will totally love it once you’re there.

    Vuokatti ski tunnel

    This resort is extremely popular due the snowboard tunnel in the middle of the resort, so be aware, there might be a lot of people when you get to the top!

    And that’s it, you are officially ready to go to Finland and discover all the great things (including the resorts) this incredible country has to offer you! Go, and have fun in the snow!
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