Does it snow in Germany?

Germany, the country that gave us the worldwide famous german food, the country with one of the most intricate languages in the world, the country with such a rich and interesting story. You simply can’t forget about it.

But Germany isn't only famous for their food, or their culture. It is also very famous for having a very privileged weather, and today, we are going to talk about it! So get comfortable, and get ready to learn more.










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    ❄ Does it snow in Germany? 🇩🇪

    ⛅ Climate of Germany

    Compared to other European countries, Germany isn’t really too much of a big country (specially when you compare it to Russia, that’s literally right next to them).

    This is incredibly good, at least when it comes to their weather, since it becomes much easier to identify and define their regular climate (they tend to have a main weather all over the country).

    There's also the fact that Germany’s unique location actually helps out a lot maintain a very nice, very warm weather almost all year long (with emphasis on the almost).

    That being said, Germany's main weather is continental, meaning they do have some very niche months with sunshine and warm temperatures, but that their winter seasons are usually extremely, extremely cold.

    Now this doesn't really comes as a surprise for anyone that knows about Germany, since it is well known worldwide how cold the country usually gets during the winter time.

    However, their winter isn’t as long as you would expect from an European country, specially when you consider some of these countries have very long winter seasons.

    But Germany is not one of those countries. They have a short winter, and also a short summer time, since all of their season are very well marked, and it’s unlikely they’ll get to experience an unusually long winter time.

    🌨 When does it snow in Germany?

    Like we just said before, Germany is a relatively small country, which makes them experience a somewhat regular climate all over the country, with not many sub-climates to explore.

    This is good in one hand, since it means you can expect a very regular weather almost everywhere, and don’t have to worry to encounter very low or very high temperatures when traveling from one place to another.

    Now, this doesn’t mean that Germany doesn’t go through the regular four seasonal changes, since they do, just like any other European country does (and they all mean very different temperatures during each season); so let’s take a look at that for a quick second.

    • Of course, let’s start with spring, that happens from March to May.
    • Then comes summer time, which happens from June to August.
    • Then comes autumn or fall, starting during September and ending in November.
    • And, of course, winter time, which starts in December and ends in February.

    Now, as you might have already noticed, snow season happens during winter time, meaning from December to February, which are the months where the temperatures drop the most.

    As a matter of fact, during winter time in Germany, you can get to experience very cold temperatures (below 32 °F/0 °C).

    Does it snow in Germany?

    Now, this takes us to a very important and relevant question, which is: does it snow during Christmas day? And the answer is yes! It does snow during Christmas time in Germany!

    This happens thanks to the very low temperatures that start to take over the country right when autumn is ending, which allows snowfalls to happen during Christmas time!

    🌨 Where does it snow in Germany?

    Now that you know when does it snow in Germany, it’s time to talk about where does it snow in Germany, since, gladly for you, it does snow in all of the country! So you can expect to experience some serious snowfalls no matter where you are.

    Keep in mind, the higher the region is, the more snow you’ll get. However, just to give you an idea of where the snowiest places in Germany are, you should look for places like Zugspitze, Brocken and, of course, Feldberg!

    How much does it snow in Germany?

    Like we just said, this directly depends on the place. The higher up you go, the more snow you’ll get. However, in regular, Germany does experience quite a lot of snow.

    To give you an idea, the average yearly precipitation in Germany (yes, these include rainfalls) go from 30 to 70 inches! Yes, 70 inches! Although this much snow only happens in the snowiest places in the country, the rest of the regions get just about 30 inches.

    Skiing in Germany

    Now let’s talk about the fun things, skiing in Germany! You see, due to the fact Germany does get a lot  of snow, there are a lot of places to choose from when it comes to skiing, such as:


    You can do everything in here, from skiing to snowboarding to simply enjoying the snow and playing around. This place is fantastic for everyone!


    If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed but that’s still fun, then you really need to check up this place! Not to mention, the views are just incredible.


    If you’re traveling with kids to Germany, then we guarantee you you’ll love this place! It is the perfect ski resort with places and activities for everyone in the family.

    And that’s it! You’re now officially ready to pack your things and get to know the beautiful, amazing country that Germany really is! And, of course, have some fun in the snow while you’re at it.
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