Does it snow in Jerusalem?

Does it snow in Jerusalem? The short answer is yes. Surprising as it may seem, and despite sharing latitude with scorching deserts, Jerusalem experiences light and measurable snowfall with some regularity during the winter.

Known as the Holy City since ancient times, Jerusalem, the current capital of the State of Israel, is undoubtedly one of those places you must visit at least once in your life.

Even if you're not a believer or a Christian, Jerusalem can impregnate you with its charm and transport you to the beginning of our era. Not surprisingly, a part of the city, the Old City of Jerusalem, has been considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1981.


    Snow in Jerusalem?

    Snow in Jerusalem
    Snow in Jerusalem. Flickr.

    As far as severe snowfall is concerned, it is even rarer to see it in Jerusalem, occurring, on average, every three to four years and with an unremarkable accumulation. Indeed, it is unusual to see snowy landscapes for a long time in Jerusalem.

    In short, it does snow in Jerusalem, though not enough to establish an accurate record of annual snow accumulation in that district of Israel.

    Curious fact

    In this sense, it is not surprising that, since 1870, there are only two records of snowfall greater than fifteen inches (February 6th and 7th, 1950, and December 13, 2013.)

    The climate of Jerusalem


    General characteristics

    Köppen climate classification

    According to the Köppen climate classification, Jerusalem has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Csa).

    Summer weather behavior

    • Summers are generally hot and dry, with July and August being the hottest months in Jerusalem.
    • During the summer, the rain is almost nil.

    Winter weather behavior

    • In contrast to summer, winters are mild and wet.
    • During the winter, Jerusalem records, on average, 4,428 inches of rain spread over a period of 11.28 days.

    Rainfall and snowfall behavior

    • Rainfall generally only occurs between October and April.
    • Measurable snowfall is rare in Jerusalem, although it does occur with some regularity (every three to four years on average)
    • The low frequency and intensity of snowfall in Jerusalem greatly hinder its accumulation; usually, it dissolves quickly.

    Technical characteristics

    Summer weather characteristics

    • Highest record temperature: 119.9 °F / 48.8 °C (August 28th and 30th, 1881.)
    • Average high: 83.4 °F (28.5 °C.)
    • Daily mean: 75.65 °F (24.25 °C.)
    • Average low: 65.875 °F (18.8 °C.)
    • Average precipitation per summer month: 0.0025 inches (0.00635 cm.)
    • Average precipitation days per summer month: 0.075 days.

    Winter weather characteristics

    • Lowest record temperature: 19.9 °F /-6.7 °C  (January 25th, 1907.)
    • Average high: 56.2 °F (13.4 °C.)
    • Daily mean: 52.475 °F (11.3 °C.)
    • Average low: 45.3 °F (7.3 °C.)
    • Average precipitation per winter month: 4.428 inches (11.2 cm.)
    • Average precipitation days per winter month: 11.275 days.

    Precipitation and other weather characteristics

    • Average annual precipitation per year: 21.8 inches (55.3 cm.)
    • Average precipitation days per year: 62 days.
    • Last recorded snowfall: 12 inches /30.48 cm (December 13th, 2013.)

    When does it snow in Jerusalem? 🌨

    Snow in Jerusalem
    Snow in Jerusalem. Flickr.

    Does it snow in Jerusalem in December?

    Yes, it might snow in December. Measurable snowfall is possible in Jerusalem for months. These possibilities can increase during exceptional weather events, such as occurred during the 2013 Middle East cold snap.

    Does it snow in Jerusalem in January?

    Yes, it might snow in January. Interestingly, Jerusalem's most recent measurable snowfall occurred in January (January 27th, 2022.)

    Does it snow in Jerusalem in February?

    Yes, it might snow in February. Indeed, one of the most incredible snowfalls in contemporary Israeli history occurred in February, specifically on February 6-7th, 2013.

    Does it snow in Jerusalem in March?

    Yes, it might snow in March. However, the odds are slim to none.

    How much does it snow in Jerusalem? 🌨

    Due to the infrequency and intensity with which Israel experiences the weather phenomenon in question, records of measurable snowfall in Jerusalem are scarce. Despite this, on two occasions, in February 1950 and December 2013, it was possible to record the accumulation of snow left by exceptional meteorological events:

    • Between February 6th and 7th, 39.3701 inches (100 cm) of snow was recorded in Jerusalem during one of the most incredible snow storms of the 20th century.
    • On December 13, 2013, during the Middle East cold snap, it received between 16 and 28 inches of snow.

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