Does it snow in Georgia (USA)?

If you are thinking of touring the southern United States, then you should include the multifaceted state of Georgia among your tourist destinations. There you will find endless fun things to do as a tourist, whether it’s enjoying the beautiful Victorian architecture of the city of Savannah, visiting the mythical Golden Isles of Georgia or discovering the most popular attractions of its capital, Atlanta.








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    Snow in Georgia (USA)? ❄

    Does it snow in Georgia…? The question may sound a bit strange to some, since Georgia is one of the southernmost states within the South region and even the South Atlantic divide.

    Despite this, it does snow in Georgia; at least it does in the north of the state (Athens, Rome, Dalton and Gainesville) and in its capital, Atlanta, which even, on one occasion in March 1993, was hit by a winter storm.

    Also, in other cities in Georgia, such as, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah and Macon, snowfall can be seen during the winter, although, almost always, accompanied by rain, and for extremely short periods.

    Climate of Georgia (USA) ⛅

    Georgia has a subtropical climate, that is, a warm climate intermediate between tropical and temperate climates.

    Naturally, the winters in Georgia are much warmer and more pleasant than the winters in the northern states of the country; likewise, its summers are much hotter (being its average annual temperature 64 ℉/18 °C).

    During the winter season, temperatures in Georgia decrease as you travel upstate, presenting a difference of 42 ℉/6 °C between the mean South of Georgia temperature (51 ℉/11°C) and the mean North of Georgia temperature (41 ℉/5°C).

    Map of Georgia
    Georgia map. Picture: Wikipedia.

    On the other hand, during the summer season, the temperature of Georgia remains stable, specifically, around 71 ℉/22 ° C (being this the average of the minimum temperatures of the state). In fact, the temperature variation of Georgia is practically imperceptible in those regions of the state that have the same altitude of land.

    As far as the average annual rainfall rate of Georgia is concerned, this is around 1270 mm per year (being, by far, one of the wettest and rainiest states in the United States); although, certainly, it is not one of the states with the greatest presence of snowfall, since its average annual precipitation rate barely reaches 0,98 inches.

    When does it snow in Georgia (USA)? 🌨

    As we have explained in previous sections, Georgia, as a southern state, is one of the states with the best climate in the United States: its winters are warm and its summers, although hot, are not unbearable. Under this context, it’s logical to think that, in Georgia, snowfall occurs only during the winter months.

    Does it snow in Seattle in December?

    Yes, it might snow in December.

    Does it snow in Seattle in January?

    Yes, it might snow in January. In fact, in January it's more probable to see snowfall in northern Georgia cities.

    Does it snow in Seattle in February?

    Yes, it might snow in February.

    Does it snow in Seattle in March?

    Yes, it might snow in March. Although, hopefully, only during the first days of the month.

    Where does it snow in Georgia (USA)? 🌨

    Where does it snow in Georgia (USA)?

    The following are some of the major cities in Georgia where it is possible (however remote that possibility may be) to spot a snowfall during the winter:

    • Atlanta, in addition to being the capital, is one of the cities in Georgia that reaches the highest figures for average snowfall per year. Its snow season extends from January 3 to 31, and reaches an average snowfall of 1.18 inches.
    • Rome has one of the shortest snow seasons in Georgia. This extends from December 31 to February 1, and reaches an average snowfall of 1.3 inches in January.
    • Dalton is, along with Gainesville, one of the coldest cities in Georgia. Its snow season runs from December 23 to February 24, reaching an average snowfall of 1.93 inches in January.
    • Gainesville is by far the city in Georgia with the highest level of snowfall per year, which is not surprising, since its winter season lasts for 3 months (from December 9 to March 8). As far as its level of snow precipitation is concerned, this reaches an average of 2.56 inches during January.
    • Athens has a relatively higher snow season than other North Georgia cities like Atlanta or Rome. Its snow season extends from January 4 to February 15, and reaches an average precipitation reaching 1.26 inches during the first 30 days.

    How much does it snow in Georgia (USA)?

    Next, we expose a comparison chart of the average snow accumulation over the course of a sliding 31-day period (centered on the day in question) in five of the coldest cities in Georgia (Atlanta, Rome, Dalton, Gainesville and Athens):


    Does it snow in Georgia (USA)?

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