Does it snow in Canada?

Canada, a country known for its kind people, their love for maple syrup, the mapple leave on their flag and the Niagara falls, of course. A country full of beautiful and breathtaking places.

But perhaps the very best thing about Canada are their incredible natural locations that turn snow white during every winter, which, we must say, it’s a beautiful season to experience in Canada.






British Columbia




94 inches


    ❄ Does it snow in Canada? 🇨🇦

    ⛅ Climate of Canada

    Canada is one of those lucky countries that have a privilege weather. Yes, they have some pretty hard winter's most of the time; however, they have such a variety of climates and they have the incredibly benefit of having several different weathers in just one country.

    This makes Canada a country that can also experience four very different seasons, although we will talk about that later on. For now, you should know Canada isn’t as cold as most people expect it to be all year around.

    Although this beautiful country is often times associated it with snow mountains and a very cold unbearable weather, that’s not the case for most of the year, as a matter of fact, is quite the opposite.

    There are two mains climate that reigns all over the country.

    Permafrost climate

    The first one being the permafrost climate, which mostly affects the north part of the country, the one closest to the North Pole.

    Humid and hot weather

    And then, for the the rest of the country, especially towards the equator, they tend to experience a much humid and hot weather, similar to the one the United States often experience.

    To sum it up, Canada experiences a very cold climate as you reach up the states on the northern part of the country, meanwhile the rest places tend to experience a much humid and hot weather.

    🌨 When does it snow in Canada?

    Like we previously mentioned, Canada has a total of four seasons, meaning winter, spring, summer and fall. These four seasons are very distinct from one another, which brings different temperature changes all throughout the year.

    • Summer happens from June to September. During the summer time, Canadians can easily expect temperatures up to 95 °F (35º), with a very hot and almost dry summer time.
    • Fall happening from September to November.
    • Then winter from December to February. When it comes to the winter time, temperatures can go as low as -13 °F (-25º).
    • Last, but not least, spring from March to May.

    The very low temperatures and the long lasting winter season (which sometimes it can last all the way up to March) is what makes people think Canada is winter wonderland all year around, even when it’s not like that most of the time.

    So, now that you know when winter time is, you might be wondering when is the snow season. Well, it happens at the same time as winter, since (unlike most countries) it usually starts snowing really early on.

    Does it snow in Canada?

    The snow season in Canada starts in the month of October or November based on the seasonal conditions. The snow season may last for about 9 months in an year depending on the climatic conditions and location (the snowfall is less at Vancouver compared to the other parts of the country).

    This answer another rising questions about whether or not does it snow during Christmas time, and let me tell you, it does!  If you are looking for winter wonderland during Christmas time, then you should most definitely visit Canada during this Christmas season! 

    Now, to wrap things up. Winter season begins in November and can last all the way up to March (depending on where you are). Snow season pretty much starts right away, meaning from the end of November up until March again, and it does snow during Christmas time as well.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Canada?

    Canada gets snow in most of their whole territory, if not in every single state. However, there are regions that experience way more snow than others does… And we are talking a lot of snow.

    Let’s start by mentioning the one place that gets the most snow: the mountains in British Columbia, which tend to experience several heavy snowfalls during the winter time.

    There are places like Newfoundland, Quebec, Nunavut, Alberta and, of course, Ontario. These are the places that usually get the most snow. However, it is important to keep in mind almost all of Canada experience very low temperatures and regular snow falls during the winter time.

    How much does it snow in Canada?

    The snow average in Canada can vary a lot depending on the place, region or city. This is because every city usually experience a very different snow season than others.

    But, to give you a general idea, British Columbia, also known as the snowiest region in all of Canada, usually experiences an average of 546,4 inches of snow during the whole winter time.

    Now, if we are talking about places like Quebec or Ontario, there is significantly less snowfall, usually about 257 and 103 inches of snow every year during winter time.

    Skiing in Canada

    With so much snow all over the country, there are many places to ski around, and we have put together the top 3 ski resorts in all of Canada for you to try out!

    Lake Louise

    If you’re looking for a ski resorts that also offers you another fun winter activities and a breathtaking view, than you should definitely travel up to Lake Louise.


    Go back in time in this classic (and huge!) ski resort. Not only the place itself is amazing and has everything you need to be comfortable while over there, but the mountains and the ski slopes are some of the best in the whole country.


    A beautiful lake, huge mountains, winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are all waiting for you at Whistler! It has something for everyone, and trust me, you’ll simply love it there.

    Go up

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