Does it snow in Washington (state)?

Located in the northeast of the United States, the State of Washington stands as one of the states with the greatest geographical and cultural diversity in its country. Its imposing beauty and variety of landscapes are a great attraction for tourists around the world.

So, if you find yourself traveling along the west coast of the United States, don't hesitate to visit the State of Washington. Incredible views carved by volcanoes and mighty glaciers, beautiful beaches and tropical jungles, as well as exquisite coastal cuisine await you there.









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    Snow in Washington (state)? ❄

    Does it snow in Washington state? Although the answer may seem obvious based on the geographical location of the state, the truth is that, despite the fact that it does snow in the state of Washington, the average levels of snowfall recorded in its main cities are negligible compared to the rest of the northern states of the United States (except for the mountainous regions).

    Climate of Washington (state) ⛅

    The state of Washington has a mild climate compared to the rest of the northern states of the US, especially its westernmost region, which takes advantage of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean to enjoy warmer and more pleasant winters. Similarly, summers in Washington are much cooler and less hot than those in other northern states.

    As far as the average rainfall is concerned, the west of the State of Washington shows very high figures (around 39.37” and 137.79” per year), while the center and east, conversely, present low rates of annual precipitation (around 3.93” and 13.77”).

    In fact, in general terms, the climate of the State of Washington tends to be dichotomous, since there are clear differences between the climate of western and eastern Washington.

    For example, during the winter, the average temperature is 41 °F/5 °C in the west and 26.6 °F/-3 °C in the east, which means that there is a considerable difference of 14.4 °F between the two regions.

    Map of Washington (state)
    Washington (state) - United States map. Picture: Wikipedia.

    There’s also a second factor that influences changes in temperature in Washington state: altitude. In that sense, in the higher altitude regions of the state, minimum temperatures can vary dramatically, reaching as low as -22 °F/-5.5 °C.

    Finally, it’s important to highlight the behavior of the average annual snowfall rate in the state of Washington and how it varies throughout the state, especially in the mountainous regions, where it can reach between 51.18” and 78.74”. A fairly high rate compared to the 5.90” of average annual snowfall on the coast of the state, and 11.81” in the central-eastern region.

    When does it snow in Washington (state)? 🌨

    Does it snow in Washington in October?

    Yes, it might snow in October. Although only in the mountainous regions and some cities of Washington such as Wenatchee, Yakima and Spokane. Almost always these first snowfalls fall in the form of weak blizzards or accompanied by rain.

    Does it snow in Washington in November?

     Yes, it might snow in November. Starting this month, it's possible to spot snowfall in Washington's sixteen major cities (especially in Wenatchee, Yakima and Spokane).

    Does it snow in Washington in December?

    Yes, it might snow in December. Once winter begins, snowfall begins to increase in almost all of Washington, except for some coastal cities such as Port Townsend.

    Does it snow in Washington in January?

    Yes, it might snow in January. During this month, snowfall remains constant throughout Washington.

    Does it snow in Washington in February?

    Yes, it might snow in February. Starting this month, snowfall begins to decline considerably.

    Does it snow in Washington in March?

     Yes, it might snow in March. Although, hopefully, only during the first half of the month.

    Where does it snow in Washington (state)? 🌨

    Despite being its proximity to the large bodies of water and warm ocean currents of the Pacific Ocean, Washington state possesses a considerably high average snowfall rate.

    Leavenworth (Washington).

    Naturally, it is not surprising that, during the winter, snowfall can be seen, with greater or lesser intensity, throughout the entire territory of Washington.

    How much does it snow in Washington (state)?

    Next, we expose a comparison chart of the average snow accumulation over the course of a sliding 31-day period (centered on the day in question) in the sixteen major cities in Washington state (Wenatchee, Yakima, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Bellingham, Vancouver, Olympia, Redmond, Bellevue, Aberdeen, Everett, Bremerton, Tacoma, Seattle and Port Townsend):

    Walla Walla2,41,20,200000000,62,7
    Port Townsend0,70,1000000000,20,8

    Comparison chart of the average snow accumulation over the course of a sliding 31-day period (centered on the day in question) in the sixteen major cities in Washington state

    The numbers shown in the table above are express in inches.

    Skiing in Washington (state) ⛷️

    You may have found the figures in the table above to be insignificant compared to other cities in the northern United States. However, as far as the higher-altitude mountainous regions of Washington state are concerned, the average snowfall is totally different.

    Therefore, if you are passionate about skiing, do not hesitate to visit the State of Washington, there thousands of acres of fully skiable terrain await you.

    The best ski resorts in Washington (state)

    Mount Baker
    Mount Baker picture.

    Here's a list of the top ski resorts in Washington state:

    1. Mount Baker
    1. The Summit at Snoqualmie
    2. Crystal Mountain Resort
    3. Steven Pass Resort
    4. 49° North Mountain Resort
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