Does it snow in Indonesia?

Indonesia, this small country right in the middle of the ocean might not seem like too much of a big deal at first, but it is one of the most amazing, beautiful countries in the world.

Although there are many beautiful natural locations in Indonesia, there’s one great thing that not too many thing seems to be talking about, and that’s their incredible climate. However, we will talk about it right now.




Jayawijaya Mountains




    ❄ Does it snow in Indonesia? 🇮🇩

    ⛅ Climate of Indonesia

    Indonesia isn’t a particularly big country, at least not when you compare it to other Asian countries in the continent. However, they do have a very interesting type if weather. But to give you a general idea, Indonesia’s climate is mostly tropical.

    As an almost entirely tropical country, Indonesia has an overall very nice weather, with really warm and hot temperatures happening all year long, and heavy raining happening in specific seasons.

    This is not the only climate that exists in Indonesia. Like we said, this intriguing country has a very interesting type of climate. Yes, their main climate is tropical, but they also experience two other types of weathers.

    You see, Indonesia has two more major climates, being the equatorial climate and the monsoon one, this last one being extremely common amongst Asian countries.

    Of course, as most countries, Indonesia also has some sub-climates, although not as many as some bigger countries would experience. In this case, there are only five sub-climates which are: tropical rainforest, tropical monsoon, tropical savanna, oceanic climate and last, but not least, subtropical highland climate.

    🌨 When does it snow in Indonesia?

    Unlike the rest of the world, Indonesia doesn’t have four seasons, but only two. The reason why Indonesia only goes through two major seasonal changes is due to their unique location in the world, and their particular size. You see, when it comes to size, Indonesia isn’t big, but it is large.

    That, combined to the fact it is located very near the ecuador, makes Indonesia have a very peculiar weather that only other countries with similar locations have.

    Instead of experience summer, winter, spring and autumn or fall season, Indonesia only goes through two seasonal changes:

    • The dry season, which you would associate with summer time, happens from May to September. During this particular period, there are very nice hot temperatures and almost no precipitations at all (although some occasional rainfall might happen during June or July).
    • Then comes the wet season, which happens from October all the way through April.

    Now, since there is no winter time you might be wondering if there is snow season in Indonesia, and the short answer is no, although there is one particular place where you might get to see snow, there isn’t really a "snow season".

    Does it snow in Indonesia?

    This leads us to another very important question about whether does it snow during Christmas time or not, and the answer, sadly, is no. If you’re looking for a white Christmas, then Indonesia might not be the right place to visit.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Indonesia?

    Like we have mentioned before, Indonesia is a very warm country since it does have a tropical climate that rings all over the country. However, it does experience some snow in some very special occasions.

    When the temperatures are low enough, there’s one single place in all of Indonesia that gets a bit of snow, and that’s on the high mountain peaks in Papua. Other than that, it is very unlikely you’ll find any snow in Indonesia.

    However, snow in this country is so rare, than when it does get snow, it’s considered a phenomenon and can even surprised locals since it isn’t a common thing at all.

    How much does it snow in Indonesia?

    Like we mentioned before during this whole article, Indonesia doesn’t get too much snow, and the only place that does are the mountains in Papua, which can be covered in snow during the coldest part of the year.

    As to how much does it actually snow in the region, is about 137 inches in the year. However, this does combines both snow and rainfall, not only snow falls, so keep that in mind when looking at the numbers!

    Skiing in Indonesia

    Sadly, if you’re looking to do some skiing in Indonesia you might be a bit disappointed, since there isn’t any ski resort in the country. However, Indonesia is known worldwide for their beautiful beaches.

    So, if you’re up to engage in some water sports, maybe even surfing around, you can trade the snow season for some really nice days at the beach in Indonesia and have the best vacations of your life!

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