Does it snow in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom gave us the queen, the Big Ben, London Eye, and famous bands like The Beatles and One Direction. Not to mention, they got us all into drinking tea!

But there’s also something everyone talks about when it comes to the United Kingdom, and that’s their weather. They have a very peculiar, unique climate that makes them well known all across the world, and we’re going to talk about it today.


    Climate of the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    Like we just said, the United Kingdom has one of the most peculiar weathers in the whole world. Not because it’s unique, but because it is directly associated with this place.

    Unlike many other European countries like Spain and France, the United Kingdom as just one type of climate that reigns all over the region, which is the temperate oceanic climate.

    This translate to the UK experience vary similar temperatures all across the country, with some variations being experienced depending on how close or how far one specific region is to the sea.

    To give you an idea, the places that are the closest to the Atlantic Ocean, such as northern Ireland, western England, Scotland and Wales, are usually way winder and wetter than the other regions of the UK.

    Overall, they have very cold and windy weather all over the different countries that represent the United Kingdom, experience very cold temperatures most of the times, although they also have some of the pretties and warmest summers of the world.

    Keep in mind, the temperature of the UK relies heavily on the maritime polar air forces, meaning that if the wind is picking up from that part of the world, the temperatures will most likely drop right away, making everything colder than usual.

    🌨 When does it snow in the United Kingdom?

    The United Kingdom, like all the European countries, experience a total of four well marked seasons all over the year, which of course are summer, fall, winter and spring.

    • Spring begins from March to May.
    • Then comes summer from June to August
    • Moving to fall that starts in September and ends in November
    • And last but not least, winter, which starts in December and ends in February.

    It is during this winter season that the snow season actually begins. But don’t be confused, snow season doesn’t start at the same time as winter time, but instead, it happens during January all the way to February if the temperatures are low enough.

    Although the moment December begins the winter season turns everything extremely cold with temperatures dropping as low as 32 ºF (0 °C) and even below that, there’s almost never snow during this month.

    This means it doesn’t snow during Christmas time. Sadly, the most you can expect during Christmas are very strong winds and some rain, however, it is very unlikely for snow to make an appearance, even when the temperatures are that slow.

    🌨 Where does it snow in the United Kingdom?

    It usually snows all through the UK, with very few places being the only ones that don’t get snow during the winter and snow season. However, to give you an idea, we’ve chosen to mention the places where it snows the most.

    Does it snow in the United Kingdom?

    Scotland and the nearby Shetland Island, the Fair Isle, England, and of course the Scottish Highlands are just some of the most famous places that get fully covered in snow every year during winter time.

    To give you a more general idea, snow usually covers up all the northern eastern areas (like the ones we mentioned before), and of course, it also reaches up to Wales.

    How much does it snow in the United Kingdom?

    The UK often experience about 24 days of snowfall during winter time, with about 33 inches all year around. Of course, this might be quite confusing when knowing the UK doesn’t typically get so much snowfall.

    However, when you take a look at the mountains that DO get snow during the winter season, this numbers immediately make sense. Also, keep in mind these numbers might go up if the temperatures drop even worse.

    Skiing in the United Kingdom

    There are a few places where you can go skiing in the UK and have tons of fun the snow! And, to give you an idea, here are the top three places to go skiing and snowboarding in the United Kingdom.

    Glenshee Ski Center

    Are you ready to go up the mountains and get down riding amazing slopes of white fresh snow? Then this is the right place for you! And trust us, you’ll love it.

    Nevis Range

    This beautiful ski resort is extremely popular in the UK, and perhaps the biggest reason is because it’s really easy to access it! Not to mention, it’s really cheap as well.


    Located in Scotland, this little place is definitely something pulled out of a movie. Not only it’s incredibly beautiful, but perfect to ski and snowboard as well!

    And there you go! You are ready to spend the next winter season in the UK. Just make sure you grab your best winter jacket!

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