Does it snow in United States?

The United States is known across the world for many things. Its great economy, its culture, their amazing theme parks and stunning natural locations, and so on and on.

However, the United States is also known for the various climates you can find depending on where you are going. Since the US is such a big country, it has several different climates all throughout their 50 states.





New York



13 inches


    Does it snow in United States? 🇺🇸

    🌤 Climate of United States

    Talking about the climate of the U.S is quite difficult, because, as we just said, they experience a range of very different weathers all over their 50 states, which are completely different from one another in many aspects.

    That being said, let’s break down the climate of this country into several categories.

    Desert and semi-arid weather

    First, it’s the desert, semi-arid weather, which is the most common all over the United States. You can find this kind of weather in places like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada (Including Las Vegas, of course). These tend to be very hot places, specially during the summer, experiencing high temperatures almost all year around.

    Mediterranean climate

    Then you have the Mediterranean climate, which goes along all the way up and down the California coast. Here, you can expect very nice temperatures all year around, with some occasional heavy rain.

    Tropical weather

    After that, you’ve got the tropical weather, which people over the other coast of the country, meaning Florida and Hawaii, have the pleasure to enjoy. They also have sunny days and nice temperatures almost all year around, but they do experience very bad tropical torments every year.

    Subarctic climate

    Last, but not least, you have the subarctic climate, which, of course, belongs to the state of Alaska, that is located extremely close the North Pole.

    Humid subtropical weather

    Of course, we can’t forget about the humid subtropical weather states like New York State and others nearby also have. Which is another one of the most common weathers across the country.

    So there you have it, the United States of America has, at least, five different climates all over their territory.

    🌨 When does it snow in United States?

    The United States, as many other countries, have four total seasons, which are winter, spring, summer and autumn. However, not every states experiences snow during their winter time, although we will get to that in a second.

    Now, the snow season happens during winter time (in the states that do get snow) and it happens every year from December to May. In some cases, when the winter is really, really strong, you might get to experience a bit of snowfall during April as well.

    This means that, yes, it does snow during winter, actually it snows a lot, and it snows during Christmas as well! Although the heaviest snowfalls tend to happen during ends of January all the way to the beginning of March, it does snow during Christmas season as well.

    So, to summit it up. Winter season starts in December and ends during March (sometimes April). It does snow during Christmas time, and you’ll definitely enjoy a white Christmas!

    🌨 Where does it snow in the United States?

    Like we have mentioned before, there are some states in which it does snow, and others where it doesn’t. Let’s start by mentioned the ones where it does snow (and quite a lot, we must say).

    Does it snow in the United States?

    20 snowiest states in United States

    • Vermont
    • New York
    • Maine
    • Alaska
    • Wyoming
    • New Hampshire
    • Minnesota
    • Montana
    • Colorado
    • Massachusetts
    • Ohio
    • Utah
    • Wisconsin
    • Michigan
    • Pennsylvania
    • Connecticut
    • Rhode Island
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Arizona

    As a matter of fact, these are the states where it snows the most during winter season.

    Snowiest cities in United States

    To be more specific, New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Denver and Cleveland have been 5 of the cities/towns that have experience the heaviest snowfall in recent years!

    How much does it snow in United States?

    Now, if you are wondering how much does it snow in United States, you can expect a good 30 to even 90 inches of snow (if you’re caught in a snowstorm). The average snow is 13 inches. Meaning yes, it does snow A LOT during winter time.

    Snowfall averages by state in America

    • Vermont: 80 inches
    • New York: 74 inches
    • Maine: 62 inches
    • Alaska: 59 inches
    • Wyoming: 58 inches
    • New Hampshire: 57 inches
    • Minnesota: 57 inches
    • Montana: 53 inches
    • Colorado: 51 inches
    • Massachusetts: 50 inches

    Snowfall averages by cities in USA

    • Syracuse (New York): 115 inches
    • Erie (Pennsylvania): 100 inches
    • Rochester (New York): 99 inches
    • Buffalo (New York): 94 inches
    • Juneau (Alaska): 86 inches
    • Manchester (New Hampshire): 86 inches
    • Essex Junction (Vermont): 85 inches
    • Burlington (Vermont): 81 inches
    • Anchorage (Alaska): 75 inches
    • South Burlington (Vermont): 75 inches
    • Grand Rapids (Michigan): 73 inches
    • Cleveland (Ohio): 68 inches
    • Portland (Maine): 61 inches
    • Cheyenne (Wyoming): 60 inches
    • Concord (New Hampshire): 60 inches
    • Salt Lake City (Utah): 56 inches
    • Billings (Montana): 55 inches
    • Minneapolis (Minnesota): 54 inches
    • Denver (Colorado): 53 inches
    • Saint Paul (Minnesota): 50 inches
    • South Portland (Maine): 47 inches
    • Milwaukee (Wisconsin): 46 inches
    • Boston (Massachusetts): 43 inches
    • Detroit (Michigan): 42 inches
    • Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania): 41 inches
    • Hartford (Connecticut): 40 inches
    • Chicago (Illinois): 36 inches
    • Providence (Rhode Island): 33 inches
    • Yonkers (New York): 29 inches
    • Columbus (Ohio): 27 inches
    • Indianapolis (Indiana): 25 inches
    • New York City (New York): 25 inches

    Skiing in the United States

    If you’re looking to engage in some snow sports during your stay in the U.S, then you are lucky! Because they have some pretty amazing ski resorts you need to visit as soon as you can! Trust us, you’ll love these places.


    We’ve sure you’ve heard about Aspen already, and if you haven’t, get ready to fall in love. Not only these stunning mountains are the top choice of famous artist and winter sport lovers, but they are also incredibly well occupied for you to enjoy them all winter long!

    Park City

    Imagine going to ski at a place that was once the home of the Winter Olympics back in 2002! Park City is just a few miles away from Salt Lake City and has multiple snow slopes for everyone of every level to try and enjoy.

    Jackson Hole

    Jackson Hole is located in Wyoming. It’s a beautiful, majestuous mountain that gets covered in snow every winter, making it the perfect place to ski and enjoy other winter sports. However, be warned, this mountain isn’t for beginners!


    Now, if you are a beginner that just wants to enjoy some light skiing time along with some other winter sports, then Breckenridge in Colorado is most definitely the right place to go!

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