Does it snow in New York State?

When we think about the New York State, we think about the Empire State Building, we think about Brooklyn, we think about New York Fashion Week, and of course, about street food.

However, right now is time to talk about something not too many people seem to talk about when it comes to the incredible state of New York, and that is, of course, their climate.







New York City



32-59 inches


    ❄ Does it snow in New York State?

    ⛅ Climate of New York State

    New York is known for being a very unstable state when it comes to their climate; on one hand, it can be extremely cold one day, and in the other be really, really hot.

    It is also worth to mention that New York experiences some really cold months, but also extremely hot temperatures during the other, so yes, they have a very veriable climate.

    As to what is exactly the type of climate of the New York State, it is humid continental, which makes sense, because states (and countries) with these climate usually have really cold winters and very hot summer, just like we mentioned before.

    It is also worth to mention they ger many rainy days throughout the year (yes, sometimes even during the summer time). Other than that, New York State doesn’t have any crazy sudden changes or many different sub climates, like it happens with other states in the United States, since New York State only has one main type of climate all throughout the state.

    🌨 When does it snow in New York State?

    Much like the rest of the United States, New York States goes through the four seasonal changes: spring, summer, fall and winter time, with the last one happening during November to February.

    Like we previously said, winter in New York State can get very harsh, with very low temperatures and huge snowfalls almost every day during the winter months, turning New York into the perfect place to visit during Christmas time (because yes, it snows during Christmas!).

    🌨 Where does it snow in New York State?

    To put it simply: it snows everywhere. New York isn’t too much of a big state, and this contributes to the fact that you can experience snow pretty much anywhere within New York.

    Does it snow in New York State
    Snow in New York State. Max Pixel.

    Syracuse, Albany, New York City and even the Hamptons are some of the top places to visit during winter time to watch some snow and get the real experience of a winter wonderland!

    How much does it snow in New York State?

    Surprisingly enough, New York State does get a LOT of snow, almost as much as some of the snowiest states. With the average yearly snowfall being 32 to 59 inches.

    Keep in mind this can vary depending if you’re in Downstate New York or Western New York, but either way, both parts of the state get a lot of snow during the winter season. 

    Skiing in New York State

    Sadly, there are a few ski resorts in New York State (you can go ice skiing too!, but it isn’t the same). Also, there are plenty ski resorts near New York you can always visit if you want to!

    Places such as the Windham Mountain Resort, Thunder Ridge Ski Area and Hunter Mountain are all great places to ski that you can to visit!

    So now you’re ready to visit not only New York City, but all the great things New York State have to offer you and the time of your life!
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