Does it snow in England?

England, the country that gave us the Big Ben, the country where the Queen lives, where the Beatles (and One Direction) come from. England, the beautiful, majestic country everyone was to visit at least once in their lives.

Without a doubt, England is one of the most amazing countries you’ll ever see, but it isn’t only because of their history or amazing tourist locations, this time it is also about their incredible weather, which we are going to talk about today.









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    ❄ Does it snow in England? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    ⛅ Climate of England

    England is one of the four countries that make the United Kingdom, and one of the largest ones as well. If there’s one country with an unique climate amongst all of them, it is definitely England.

    You see, England is just a giant island, located in the middle of the sea, which, of course, directly contributes to their unique, kinda unpredictable weather through the whole year.

    When you look at England’s size, their unique location, and the fact they are mostly surrounded by water, it is not surprised their weather is actually so weird and hard to figure it out.

    This of course contributes to the fact there are many different climates and subclimates all coexisting together in one country. Because, even when most people think England is just a rainy, moody climate every day, all around, that is very far from the truth.

    Like we just said, there are many climates coexisting within England, but there are two main climates that take up most of the regions in the country:

    • Temperate
    • Subpolar oceanic

    Like you might have noticed by now, the truth is England is a very cold type of country, which is why the two main types of climates in the region are such cold ones.

    Of course, this is directly influenced by the sea surrounding the country and the very cold winds that usually hit it throughout almost the whole year. However, this does not mean England is cold all year around.

    Opposite to what most people might believe, the truth is, England also experiences very nice, warm days during some months of the year, so much so, sunny days are actually common!

    🌨 When does it snow in England?

    Like we just said, England does have a very interesting and kinda diverse weather, but their main climate is pretty much obvious to everyone: they have a very cold weather almost all year around.

    This makes them have, much like the rest of the world, a total of four different season changes. However, they aren’t as drastically different between each other as you might think they are.

    Now, don’t get this wrong, England does have four different seasons, they just aren’t as drastically different as in some parts of the world:

    • Let’s being by spring, which starts during March and ends during May. During these months, England has a somewhat nice weather. There’s still a bit of cold left from the winter, but there’s also sunny and kinda warm days.
    • Then comes summer time, probably one of the nicest stations of the year, and everyone’s favorite and it happens from June to August. Summer in England, opposed to their really cold winter, is actually really nice and hot, with very high temperatures finally appearing and sunny days almost every single day.
    • After that comes autumn , which marks the end of the summer and sunny days. Autumn happens from September to November and it’s pretty similar to spring, in the sense you might get a little bit of sun and high temperatures during the very first week of autumn, and then the temperatures will continue to lower.
    • Finally, it’s time for winter! Just as much as people love summer, they sure love winter time, which happens from December all the way to February. This is by far the coldest season of the year, which of course, happens to be the snow season as well.

    You see, England does get snow during the fabulous winter time, it gets quite a lot, actually! But not everywhere, and surprisingly, not as often as we would like to think.

    🌨 Where does it snow in England?

    Now that you know when does it snow in England, it is time to talk about where does it snow in England, because like we just said, there are certain regions where it snows more than others.

    Does it snow in England?

    As it usually happens, the snowiest places are the mountains. However, places and regions such like Princetown, the Copley village and Widdybank fell get the most snow in England!

    Keep in mind that if you want to see a lot of snow, you have to go to the northern part of England, or to the mountains, but if you’re okay just seeing the occasional snowfall, you’ll be fine in most places of the country.

    How much does it snow in England?

    By now, you already know that it does snow in England, but like we just said, it doesn’t snow as much as you actually think. As a matter of fact, there are only 15 snow days every year in England.

    Now, as to how much does it actually snow in England, the average snowfall is around 10 inches, although in the places that it snows the most, it can easily be around 24 inches of snow a year.

    Skiing in England

    Now that you know the climate of England, where does it snow, when and how much, it is time to talk about the fun stuff! Skiing in England! So, let’s take a look at the best places to ski around in England.


    If you’re looking for the very best and most popular snow mountain in England, then you have to visit Gleenshee and have lots of fun skiing and snowboarding around!

    CairnGorm Mountain

    This place is sure beautiful, but it isn’t for the beginners! They huge snow slopes are reserved for experts and those who don’t fear the more adventurous snow tracks.


    Last, but not least, is Allenheads. If you’re looking for nice snow slopes that are great for both beginners and experts, then you will sure enjoy Allenheads!

    And that’s it! If you’re planning to take a trip to England anytime soon, then make sure to book your flight during the winter time. Trust us, you will absolutely love England during winter time!

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