Does it snow in Colorado?

When we think about Colorado, we think about delicious food, we think about incredible landscapes, about snow resorts, we think about huge stadiums and amazing natural locations.

However, right now is time to talk about something not too many people seem to talk about when it comes to Colorado, and that is, of course, their unique type of weather.










27-64 inches


    ❄ Does it snow in Colorado?

    ⛅ Climate of Colorado

    Contrary to what people might think, Colorado really isn’t too much of a hot type of estate, but rather a cold one where you go to when you want to experience snow in the United States.

    The very first thing you should know is that yes, Colorado can get super hot during summer times, but to be honest, their climate varies a lot and they can get really, really cold during the winter time.

    However, as to what is the real climate of Colorado, that answer is kinda hard to answer, because it has a very unique type of climate that directly affects their weather.

    You see, the thing with Colorado is that they are right in the middle of the mountain states of the United States, meaning that is surrounded by mountains, which causes the southern and northern regions of the state to vary on their weather.

    So, meanwhile one side of Colorado is usually warmer and experiences higher temperatures, the other side of the same state is usually colder, with much more regular temperatures.

    As to how many different climates there are in Colorado, you might be surprised. There are over fifteen total sub-climates in just one state. That’s right, 15 different sub climates!

    Now, these sub-climates vary going anywhere from tundra and subarctic climate all the way to hot summer mediterranean, cold semi arid, cold desert and even humid subtropical.

    🌨 When does it snow in Colorado?

    Much like the rest of the United States, Colorado goes through the for seasonal changes: spring, summer, fall and winter time, with the last one happening during December to February.

    Of course, it is during winter time than it snows in Colorado, which means, it snows during Christmas time! So if you’re looking to experience some white Christmas, Colorado is the right state to go to.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Colorado?

    If you remember what we talked about earlier, Colorado has very different climates depending on the region, which is why it doesn’t snow everywhere as you would expect, but rather in some specific places.

    Of course, the mountain areas are the places where it snows the most in Colorado (like Aspen!), although places such as Alamosa, Leadville and Glenwood Springs also get a lot of snow during winter time!

    How much does it snow in Colorado?

    Surprisingly enough, Colorado is one of the states where it snows almost everywhere, and it snows A LOT. So much so, the average yearly snowfall is around 178 inches in the snowiest places (again, like Aspen!).

    Does it snow in Colorado?

    Even other places that might not get as much snow as Aspen, get around 27 to 64 inches of snow every year, so yes, you could say it snows quite a lot in Colorado during winter!

    Skiing in Colorado

    Luckily for you, there are MANY ski resorts in Colorado, and today we will take a look at the top places that you can visit while you’re traveling through the state:


    Everyone, specially celebrities, love skiing in Aspen. Located in Colorado, these mountains are the perfect destination for those who want to ski around but also just have some fun in the snow.


    This one is also located in Colorado, and is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. These huge mountains get covered in snow every year, offering a great place to ski, snowboard and just play snow fights with your family during the winter vacations!

    And that’s it! You’re officially ready to visit Colorado and experience all the great things this place has to offer you! Trust us, you won’t be bored not even for one second in Colorado.
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