Does it snow in Maryland?

Does it snow in Oregon? The short answer is a resounding yes. However, it is important to highlight certain aspects of this question.

Known as the Chesapeake Bay State, Maryland, the 42nd-largest by area and the 18th-most populous in the U.S. states, stands as one of the five most densely populated states in the entire country, also holding the title as the state with the highest median household income in the United States.

Curious fact

The median household income in Maryland hovers around $87,063 and has been the highest of all fifty states in the United States since 2015.

Regarding its economy, Maryland exhibits a very high level of diversification, encompassing different areas such as manufacturing, retail services, public administration, real estate, higher education, information technology, defense contracts, health care, and biotechnology.

Curious fact

The exceptional economic performance of Maryland is not recent. Since American Revolution, Maryland has played an essential economic role in the industrial development of the United States, thanks to its important seaports and rail networks.

Beyond its economic reputation, Maryland is also home to spectacular natural tourist attractions such as Assateague Island, Chesapeake Bay, Swallow Falls State Park, Deep Creek Lake, and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, famous for being one of the oldest canals in the States.

Visit Maryland and enjoy the many tourist attractions that the state offers its visitors. From bays, lakes, canals, and islands like the Chesapeake Bay, Deep Creek Lake, C&O Canal, and Assateague Island to cities packed with cultural, arts, and entertainment attractions like Frederick, Ocean City, Annapolis, and the famous city of Baltimore.


    Snow in Maryland?

    Snow in National Institutes of Health, Bethesda (Maryland.)
    Snow in National Institutes of Health, Bethesda (Maryland.)

    Due to the presence and combination of multiple climatic factors such as elevation variation, proximity to the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, and the presence of katabatic winds, Maryland exhibits a considerable diversity of climates throughout its modest 12,407 square miles of land. However, none of these factors impedes seeing a seasonal snowfall in every county of Maryland.

    Curious fact

    Although counties closer to the North Atlantic coast, such as Worcester, experience less snowfall than counties in northern and western Maryland, their snow accumulation per year is considerable; generally, it reaches 9 inches yearly.

    In short, regardless of the climatological variations between the north and west of Maryland compared to the south and east of the state, snowfall is a recurring meteorological phenomenon in every county of Maryland.

    On average, annual snowfall ranges from 9 to 100 inches, although the latter figures can only be recorded in the highest regions of the mountains of extreme western Maryland.

    The climate of Maryland


    General characteristics

    According to the Köppen climate classification, counting types and subtypes, Maryland exhibits three climate types throughout its territory: Humid subtropical (Cfa), Oceanic (Cfb), and Warm-summer humid continental (Dfb).

    Climate of Maryland

    Due to such diversity, any general explication of the characteristics of Maryland's climate is useless since these aspects will depend exclusively on the prevailing climatological factors in each of the Maryland regions. However, in general terms, it can be stated that:

    • In the eastern half of Maryland, including cities like Ocean City, Salisbury, and Annapolis, summers are hot and humid, while winters are generally mild, though they can also be cold.
    • In the northwestern half of Maryland, including cities such as Westminster, Gaithersburg, Frederick, and Hagerstown, summers are mild, and winters are cold, with snowfall accumulations exceeding 20 inches on average.
    • Regardless of the region of Maryland, they all receive between 3.5 and 4.5 inches of rain per month, while the state's annual precipitation ranges between 35 and 45 inches.
    • On average, Maryland experiences between 30 and 40 days of thunderstorms per year.
    • Tornadoes are no stranger to Maryland. On average, Maryland is hit by six tornadoes each year.
    MAP of OHIO

    Technical characteristics

    Some of the following technical characteristics have been calculated by averaging climatological data for the following cities of Maryland: Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Waldorf, Silver Spring, and Frederick.

    • Climate types (Köppen climate classification):
      • Humid subtropical (Cfa.)
      • Oceanic (Cfb.)
      • Warm-summer humid continental (Dfb.)
    • Average maximum temperatures in winter: 47.38 °F (8.5 °C.)
    • Average maximum temperatures in spring: 69.71 °F (20.95 °C.)
    • Average maximum temperatures in fall: 61.96 °F (16.6 °C.)
    • Average maximum temperatures in summer: 83.33 °F (28.5 °C.)
    • Average minimum temperatures in winter: 31.33 °F (-0.37 °C.)
    • Average minimum temperatures in spring: 50.29 °F (10.1 °C.)
    • Average minimum temperatures in fall: 44.79 °F (7.1 °C.)
    • Average minimum temperatures in summer: 64.88 °F (18.2 °C.)
    • Average monthly rainfall in winter: 2.37 inches (6 cm.)
    • Average monthly rainfall in spring: 3.30 inches (8.3 cm.)
    • Average monthly rainfall in fall: 3.09 inches (7.8 cm.)
    • Average monthly rainfall in summer: 3.25 inches (8.2 cm.)
    • Average monthly snowfall in winter: 4.68 inches (11.8 cm.)
    • Average monthly snowfall in spring: 0.56 inches (1.4 cm.)
    • Average monthly snowfall in fall: 1.05 inches (2.6 cm.)
    • Hottest Region: Worcester County.
    • Highest record temperature: 109.4 °F / 43 °C (July 10, 1936. Cumberland, Allegany County.)
    • Coldest region: Garret County.
    • Lowest record temperature: -40 °F / -40°C (January 13, 1912. Oakland, Garret County.)
    • Snowiest month: February.
    • Coldest month: January.

    When does it snow in Maryland? 🌨

    Snow in Antietam (Maryland)
    Snow in Antietam (Maryland.)

    Does it snow in Maryland in October?

    Yes, it might snow in October. While the odds are slim, light and measurable snowfall are possible in cities like Oakland, Cumberland, and Rockville.

    Does it snow in Maryland in November?

    Yes, it does! From this month, measurable snowfall is possible in all counties in Maryland, and snowfall is more significant than an inch of accumulation in counties such as Garrett, Allegany, and Frederick.

    Does it snow in Maryland in December?

    Yes, it does! Once winter begins, snowfalls are heavier in every Maryland county, so it's no surprise that snowpacks exceed four inches, on average, in counties like Washington, Carroll, Frederick, Allegany, and Garrett.

    Curious fact

    During Christmas 2009, Baltimore City received six inches of snow. This Christmas is considered one of the most magical White Christmases in the history of Baltimore.

    Does it snow in Maryland in January?

    Yes, it does! January is the second snowiest month in Maryland. During this month, Carroll, Garrett, Frederick, and Howard counties average over seven inches of snow accumulation.

    Does it snow in Maryland in February?

    Yes, it does! Snowfall increased slightly in almost all Maryland counties. For this reason, February is considered the snowiest month of the year in Maryland.

    Does it snow in Maryland in March?

    Yes, it does! Although snowfall decreases in intensity and frequency, in March, snowfall greater than or equal to an inch of accumulation is possible in all counties in Maryland except for Worcester County.

    Does it snow in Maryland in April?

    Yes, it might snow in April. Once winter ends, snowfall disappears from most Maryland counties, although measurable snowfall is still possible in cities like Frederick, Hagerstown, Cumberland, Westminster, and Oakland.

    Where does it snow in Maryland? 🌨

    Below, we present a map of the territorial division of the state of Maryland in which the distribution of snowfall in the twenty-three counties and the independent city (Baltimore City) that make up the state is roughly exemplified:

    Map of the territorial division of the state of Maryland with distribution of snowfall

    1. In this case, the darker the blue color, the higher the average snow accumulation for the county in its snowiest month (February.)
    2. This map is not an exact definition but rather an approximation of the behavior of snowfall in Maryland since only its administrative centers and Baltimore City are taken into account and not all the cities and towns that make up the county at the time of its creation.

    How much does it snow in Maryland? 🌨

    Next, we expose a comparison chart of the average snow accumulation throughout a sliding 31-day period (centered on the day in question) in the twenty-three county seats (including Baltimore City) of Maryland:

    CountyCounty seatJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
    Carroll CountyWestminster8,38,63,40,20000000,84,8
    Garrett CountyOakland7,58,34,50,8000000,32,35,8
    Frederick CountyFrederick7,37,72,70,10000001,14,9
    Allegany CountyCumberland6,57,52,90,2000000,11,14,9
    Howard CountyEllicott City77,42,400000000,63,7
    Washington CountyHagerstown6,97,42,80,10000000,94,6
    Montgomery CountyRockville6,77,32,50000000,10,73,7
    Harford CountyBel Air6,87,12,600000000,73,7
    Baltimore CountyTowson6,672,200000000,63,3
    Anne Arundel CountyAnnapolis55,81,800000000,42,1
    Cecil CountyElkton5,75,81,900000000,52,8
    Baltimore CityBaltimore City4,95,61,500000000,42,2
    Charles CountyLa Plata5,15,61,600000000,42,6
    Prince George's CountyUpper Marlboro5,15,61,700000000,42,5
    Kent CountyChestertown5,35,51,800000000,42,4
    Queen Anne's CountyCentreville4,95,31,800000000,42,3
    Calvert CountyPrince Frederick4,651,600000000,42,1
    Caroline CountyDenton4,451,500000000,42,2
    St, Mary's CountyLeonardtown4,44,81,500000000,41,9
    Talbot CountyEaston4,34,71,400000000,32
    Dorchester CountyCambridge43,81,300000000,31,7
    Wicomico CountySalisbury3,63,61,100000000,62
    Somerset CountyPrincess Anne3,33,4100000000,41,6
    Worcester CountySnow Hill1,91,90,500000000,10,9

    The numbers shown in the table above represent inches.

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