Does it snow in Seattle?

Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington, is one of the largest tourist destinations in the United States. Its ability to combine parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, mountains and forests with an urban environment brimming with life and energy leaves its visitors with memories of an incredible experience that is hard to forget.


    Snow in Seattle? ❄

    In case the enormous tourist influx of Seattle and its many iconic places are not attractive enough for you as a tourist, this fact will finally convince you to visit it: it does snows in Seattle!

    Of course, not as often as it snows in other cities like Denver, Fargo, Buffalo or Detroit, but enough to amaze both tourists and residents of the city. In other words, it's not very common for it to snow in Seattle, and, if it does, the depth of the snow is hardly more than two inches.

    Climate of Seattle

    Seattle weather is quite mild. Thanks to its proximity to Lake Washington, the Puget Sound Bay and, therefore, the Pacific Ocean, its average temperature ranges between 35.6 °F / 2 °C during winter nights and 73.4 °F / 23 °C during summer days.

    In addition, the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Range of Seattle serve as protection from the fast winds and storms characteristic of the Northern Hemisphere.

    On the other hand, a large part of the Americans and residents of Seattle describe this city as a rainy city. However, its rains, although frequent, do not exceed 39.34 inches / 999 mm of precipitation per year, that is, almost 21% less than the 49 inches / 1,200 mm of precipitation that New York City receives annually.

    Despite this fact, certainly, Seattle is an extremely rainy city, not only because of its annual rainfall, which exceeds that of other cities such as Madrid (17 inches / 430 mm), Kiev (24.3 inches / 618 mm) and Sydney (45.2 inches / 1149 mm), but for its continuous hours of light rain.


    Generally, these drizzles begin to fall from November, and culminate in March, with December being the wettest month. On the other hand, the sunniest months are July, August and September.

    As for snowfall in Seattle, it is infrequent, especially at low altitudes, and where it snows, it does not exceed 1.6 inches / 40 mm thick at its peak.

    In fact, Seattle's constant winter showers are mostly liquid. Despite the infrequency with which it occurs, snow, as a meteorological phenomenon, is taken with great respect by the inhabitants of Seattle; usually, the city operates at low capacity while it snows.

    When does it snow in Seattle? 🌨

    As we have explained throughout this article, snowfall is rare in Seattle. For this reason, if snowfall happen, it would be logical to think that it might occur during the winter months. Next, we explain in detail.

    Snow in Seattle

    Does it snow in Seattle in November?

    Since November is the last month of fall in Seattle (and the Northern Hemisphere in general), there's a chance of snow toward the end of this month. However, the sighting of this meteorological phenomenon in November is less common than it already is during the winter months.

    Does it snow in Seattle in December?

    Yes, it might snow in December. In fact, it is the month in which it is easiest to see a snowfall in Seattle.

    Does it snow in Seattle in January?

    Yes, it might snow in January. Approximately 20% less than in December.

    Does it snow in Seattle in February?

    Yes, it might snow in February. However, the days of snowfall with levels close to 0.97 inches / 0.25 cm thick are very few.

    Does it snow in Seattle in March?

    Yes, it might snow in March. This is the last month in which it is possible to spot snowfall in Seattle, although this is almost as difficult as spotting snowfall in Seattle in November.

    How much does it snow in Seattle? 🌨

    Snow in Seattle

    Considering the snow accumulated in Seattle during a moving period of 31 days centered around each day, the following can be said:

    • Generally, Seattle's winter begins with 0.51 inches / 13 mm of snow thick; rarely, this figure exceeds 1.53 inches / 39 mm.
    • Seattle's winter ends with 0.11 inches / 3 mm of snow thick; rarely, this figure exceeds 0.35 inches / 9 mm.
    • Seattle snowfalls get heavier during the final days of December.
    • It doesn't always snow during Seattle's winter months.
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