Does it snow in Iran?

Sadly, when you think about Iran, you don’t think about beautiful things, like we all should when thinking about a country, do the very sad situations this particular country had to go through.

However, there’s one particular thing we all should be talking about Iran, and that’s about their weather. They have a very unique type of climate, and we are going to discuss it right now!









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    ❄ Does it snow in Iran? 🇮🇷

    ⛅ Climate of Iran

    The thing is, when you compare Iran to the countries of Asia, it really isn’t too big, which means, their size directly contributes to their very unique weather, since they do tend to have one main climate all over.

    In this case, being a small country actually works out for Iran, at least when it comes to their weather, since it becomes much easier to identify just one regular weather across the country.

    However, despite their relative small sice, and the fact they DO have one main climate, Iran’s weather is actually very different when you switch from one region to another.

    That being said, Iran’s main weather is hot-dry desert, meaning they experience very hot temperatures all across the country. However, this isn’t the only climate in the country.

    As a matter of fact, Iran has a total of 12  (yes, twelve!) different sub climates in different regions of the country, with a couple of them being extremely different from the main climate.

    Of course, we aren’t going to list every sub climate in Iran, but what we will do now is mention the main ones, which are hot semi-arid climate, cold mountains climate and of course, and last but not least, mediterranean climate.

    As you can see, each and everyone of these subclimates are somewhat different, making Iran a country with an exceptional weather that varies greatly from one region to another.

    🌨 When does it snow in Iran?

    Like we just said before, Iran is a relatively small country, but this doesn’t mean they don’t a very interesting climate range that makes them experience different temperatures depending on the region or zone of the country.

    However, these changes might not be so noticeable during some specific seasons, or at least not so noticeable for everyone who really isn’t paying too much attention to the climate.

    But if you’re paying attention, you’ll realize that Iran, even with so many subclimates and such a relative small size, they also go through the four main seasons almost every country in the world goes through!

    • Let’s start with spring, that goes from March to May.
    • Then comes summer time from June to August.
    • Then comes autumn or fall, starting during September and ending in November.
    • And finally, everyone’s favorite, winter time, which starts in December and ends in February.

    If you are wondering, what about snow season? Well, if you noticed, snow season happens during the same time as winter time, since Iran really doesn’t get snow falls during the rest of the year.

    To be completely honest, winter and snow season in Iran aren’t as full of snow as you might think they are, but we will get to that point later on, for now you should know that yes, there’s snow in Iran!

    Does it snow in Iran?

    Now, this takes us to a very important and relevant question, which is: does it snow during Christmas day? And the answer is yes! It does snow during Christmas time in Iran!

    But don’t get over excited just yet. Like we said, yes, it does snow during winter time and, yes, it does snow during Christmas time, but not as you might think, that’s for sure.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Iran?

    Like it usually happens in most countries, the northern regions tend to get the most amount of snow falls rather than the southern regions which rarely get snow, if even at all.

    That being said, the places were you can expect to see snow in Iran are the towns/regions of Tabriz, Tehran and Mashhad, which are the ones that tend to get the most snow during the winter season.

    How much does it snow in Iran?

    Like we just said, this directly depends on the place. The higher up you go, the more snow you’ll get. However, in regular, Iran does gets more snow than you might believe.

    In average, Iran gets 53 inches of precipitation all year long, of course, keep in mind these numbers do include the statistics for yearly rainfall, since they are both precipitation, however, it’s a good way to measure how much snow Iran really gets.

    Skiing in Iran

    Iran is full of surprises, and perhaps the best one is that they are considered as one of the best countries to go skiing and even to go "free skiing", so if you’re looking for adventure, here are some places you should look up:

    Mount Tochal

    Recognized as one of the very best places to go skiing in Iran, Mount Tochal is a beautiful place that’s accessible for everyone in the family!

    Dizin Ski resort

    If you’re up for something a bit more glamorous but just as fun, then you really need to check out the Dizin Ski Resort! Trust us, you’ll love it.

    Shemshak Ski Resort

    This is probably the most beautiful place you’ll ever see in Iran. With a breathtaking view, and amazing snow slopes, this is the right place for you!

    So, what are you waiting for? Go discover Iran! Go discover all the amazing places this underrated country has to offer every tourists that sets a foot in their territory!

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