Does it snow in Italy?

Italy, the country that made pasta famous, the country filled with breathtaking art, the country that has Rome in it, the country that is recognized worldwide for its incredibly cousine.

Yes, there are many things people know and love about Italy, but... what about its weather? What about Italy’s incredible climate and how unique it is? It’s about time we get to know a bit about this country’s climate now.






Alpine Region




3 inches


    ❄ Does it snow in Italy? 🇮🇹

    ⛅ Climate of Italy

    You see, Italy isn’t as much of a big or enormous country as you would expect, however, it is quite a long country from one end to another, which results in it having multiple different climates within their borders.

    Now, this actually happens with many other countries in the world; however, unlike most of them, Italy’s sub-climates aren’t as different from one another as you would expect them to be… If anything, they are quite similar.

    Italy has a total of two main climates, with slight weather variations within their regions, meaning some changes in temperature, some places being more wet than others, some being hotter and so on.

    Humid subtropical climate

    It can be experience in the northern areas of the country. Like the name itself states it, this climate is well known for being humid and somewhat hot, specially during the summer season.

    Mediterranean climate

    Then, you have got the Mediterranean Climate, that the coastals areas of Italy experience.

    Like we just said, these two types of climates aren’t that different from one another but they do have their differences.

    To sum it up, Italy’s climate is hot, humid and often times experience very warm and nice temperatures all year around, which makes Italy one of the nicest countries when it comes to the weather aspect.

    🌨 When does it snow in Italy?

    In total, Italy has four very distinct seasons; however, depending on where you are or the region you are currently visiting, these seasons can be completely different from one another, specially winter time.

    Like most european countries, Italy has a total of four very distinct seasons:

    • Spring time usually starts in March all the way through May.
    • Then comes summer, from June up to August.
    • After that comes autumn time from September through November.
    • And finally winter time from December to February.

    As to winter season, Italy isn’t as most countries. You see, although they do have very warm and nice temperatures all year long, the truth being told, winter does get very cold… At least in most places.

    You see, while most areas just get a bit cold during winter time, there are others who experience several temperature drops, which divide the country into those regions that get snow, and those who don’t.

    So, if you are wondering whether Italy experiences snow during winter time, the answer is yes, it actually does. There are regions that get most snow than others, which we will talk later on, but, yes, snow season also happens from December to February.

    Does it snow in Italy?

    Now, that of course leads us to another very important question, which is: does it snow during Christmas? And the answers is yes! It actually snows during the month of December, so getting a snowy Christmas is quite possible if the temperatures are low enough.

    Again, remember that it doesn’t necessarily snow in every bit of Italy, which means that you’ll only get to see snow during the Christmas time if you’re in the right region!

    🌨 Where does it snow in Italy?

    If you are traveling to Italy to get a glimpse of snow, then the very first place you have to visit is the Alpine Region, where you’ll find beautiful mountains covered up in snow.

    When we talk about the Alpine region we mean the Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto, not to mention Trentino and Alto Adige as well as the rest of the nearby towns and places that compose this particular winter wonderland region.

    However, snowfalls might occur in famous cities such as Florence and Milan! Although this is rear, and when it does happen it isn’t as heavy snowfall, you can bet you’ll experience some snow.

    How much does it snow in Italy?

    Again, the amount of snow you would usually get will directly depend on the region of the country. For example, the average snowfall in the Alpine region easily surpasses the 4 inches mark.

    However, if you take a look at the whole country, the average yearly snowfall wouldn’t be more than 3 inches, since it really doesn’t snow that much in other parts of Italy.

    Skiing in Italy

    Yes, we know, talking about snow in Italy was weird enough, but the truth is Italy has some pretty amazing places where you can easily go skiing and have the time of your life! Check them out:


    If you’re looking for a fancy ski resort with nearby chalets and a breathtaking view of the mountains you’ll be skiing, then this is definitely your place.

    Passo Tonale

    The great thing about this particular location is that it’s great for beginners who are new to the skiing world. It has plenty of easy snow slopes, great resorts and a little nearby town to visit!


    Get ready to spend the day in one of the most luxurious, incredibly places you’ll ever be, not to mention, the mountains have some great snow slopes to spend your time sliding down!

    And that’s it! Now you know Italy truly has the best of both worlds: incredibly summer days and super fun, beautiful winter days! What are you waiting for to visit this amazing country?
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