Does it snow in Mexico?

Mexico, the country that gave us the famous taco, the mariachis, the beautiful beaches and the incredible food. Mexico, the country with one of the biggest and richest cultures in the whole world.

Without a doubt, Mexico is one of the most interesting countries, but it isn’t just all about their food, or their music, or even their traditions, it is also about their incredible weather, which we will talk about today.






Baja California


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    ❄ Does it snow in Mexico? 🇲🇽

    ⛅ Climate of Mexico

    Usually, we define a country’s climate or weather easily, but there are way too many factors that can directly affect a country's climate, like its size and location.

    Which is why it’s quite difficult to pinpoint a single type of climate to Mexico. You see, amongst the Central and Latin American countries, Mexico is one of the biggest countries in the region (not quite as much as the United States, of course, but, again, one of the biggest)

    This is what makes it so incredibly difficult to define a single type of climate to Mexico, since its weather is extremely variant from one region of the country to another!

    Actually, you could say Mexico has one of the most wide type of climates in the world, and it’s one of the very few countries where you can find everything! From beautiful beaches, to very arid places.

    Now, to truly define the climate of Mexico we need to talk about the Tropic of Cancer, since this invisible line basically divides Mexico into two very different climate zones!

    You see, thanks to the Tropic of Cancer, Mexico is divided into a temperate and a tropical zone, being these ones the two main types of climates that you’ll find in the country.

    This also means that one side of the country experiences lower temperatures than the other during the winter months, meanwhile the other side of Mexico pretty much maintains a regular temperature all year long.

    To give you an idea, the North part of Mexico usually experiences the coldest days and lowest temperatures, but also experience less precipitation than the south side of the Tropic of Cancer, which usually has a much regular, warm temperature all year long.

    🌨 When does it snow in Mexico?

    For such a big country that is located so close to the Tropic of Cancer, you would assume Mexico’s temperature is full on tropical all year long, and that it’s almost impossible for it to experience any snow, right?

    Well, no. Like we said, Mexico does have a very unique climate that makes it possible for some parts of the country to experience snowfall during the winter time!

    But, before we get to talk about snowfalls and winter, let’s talk a little bit about the seasonal changes Mexico goes through, and when each season actually happens, because, believe it or not, Mexico does have four seasons!

    This is quite surprising when you take into consideration most Latin American countries really don’t go through the four seasons, at least not in the way most countries do, but Mexico does!

    • There¡s springtime, which happens from March to May, giving room to the most beautiful season which is…
    • Summer happening from June to August.
    • Then comes fall or autumn from September to November.
    • And then, finally, winter time, from December all the way to February.

    As you can see, Mexico does go through the four regular seasons most countries go through; however, temperature wise, changes aren’t really that noticeable, since in most regions, temperatures remain the same, even during winter time!

    Does it snow in Mexico?

    Now, as you were probably able to see, winter season happens during December (or at least starts in December), which of course is when snow season also happens. So… does it snow during Christmas time?

    The short answer is… sometimes. The thing is, Mexico does experience snow, but it doesn’t snow everywhere. So, if you’re looking to experience some magical winter wonderland experience during Christmas time, you might be quite surprised.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Mexico?

    We know it is very hard to believe that a country with some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole wild world experience snow, right? But it do!

    To be clearer, it is usually the northern states of Mexico that get to experience snow, think about Chihuahua and Baja California! All of these places experience snow, and much more than you might think.

    So, yes, Mexico does have snow, just not in every state. Actually, the further down south you to, the more you’ll be stepping away from the snow, since they don’t get snow falls down there.

    How much does it snow in Mexico?

    To answer the question about how much does it really snow in the country, we have to look at the precipitation statistics.

    Keep in mind, the numbers regarding precipitation do include rainfall. That being said, Mexico usually experience an average of 33 inches of precipitation (snow included) yearly.

    To give you an even better idea, in the highlands and mountains of Mexico, you get so many snowfalls every snow season that there are even places to ski around and have some fun!

    Skiing in Mexico

    Now we get to the very fun part! Skiing in Mexico! If you didn’t know before, you can actually go skiing in Mexico if you want to (which we bet you do). So, however there’s really only one ski resort, also known as Bosques de Monterreal.

    This beautiful and amazing place is everyone’s favorite when it comes to skiing and, of course, it’s opened during the winter season!

    Pictures: Flickr

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