Does it snow in Pakistan?

Pakistan, one of the many countries that are part of the Middle East, a country with a deep, very intricate culture and many tourist places to visit that most people don’t know of.

Without a doubt, Pakistan is a diamond in the rough, even putting aside the incredible (and sometimes dark) history of this country. But perhaps, the most interesting thing about Pakistan, is their climate.








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❄ Does it snow in Pakistan? 🇵🇰

⛅ Climate of Pakistan

Pakistan is not a country many people take into consideration when traveling or doing tourism, but it is one of the hidden gems of the Asian continent, and one that holds many special secrets regarding their weather.

You see, Pakistan itself isn’t an expecial big country, as a matter of fact, is rather normal in size. However, due to its very unique location, they experience some really intense climate.

The thing is, Pakistan, even being a regular size country, experiences many different climates and sub-weathers, and the reason behind this is their geographical location.

Pakistan is located right on the north of the Tropic of Cancer, which directly influences on the country’s weather and is what causes Pakistan to have such intense different climates all coexisting in just one place.

In total, Pakistan has a total of four main climates and many other sub-weathers that coexist all together in different regions of the country. However, Pakistan’s main climate is the continental type.

This means Pakistan experiences a climate that is characterized by several changes in the temperature, changes that usually happen drastically. Not to mention, this country has the record for registering the highest temperatures ever experienced in the world.

So, to sum everything up
Pakistan is an overall really hot country that experienced drastic changes in their temperatures and has a total of four main climates (continental, warm desert climate, semi-arid climate and warm mediterranean climate).

🌨 When does it snow in Pakistan?

I know, talking about snow in the country that experienced the hottest temperature ever recorded sounds quite weird, right? But you would be surprised to find out, it does actually snow in Pakistan, and probably more than you think.

You see, Pakistan was blessed with a very unique, one of a kind type of weather. Yes, they get these insanely hot temperatures, but they also get very nice snow days in some parts of the country.

Pakistan, like many other countries in the world, go through four different seasons, being:

  • Spring time comes from March through May.
  • Then summertime from June to September.
  • And finally autumn, from October to December.
  • Winter time happens from December all the way through February. You’ll be surprised how pretty Pakistan looks during Winter time.

It is worth mentioning summer time and autumn aren’t really summer and autumn, but rather monsoon and post-monsoon season, which is typically a very rainy couple of months, with some hot temperatures as well.

That being said, let’s talk about when does snow season happen, because like we just said, Pakistan (even if it doesn’t look like it) does get some snow during certain months of the year.

To be more precise, snow season happens at the same time of winter season, meaning from December all the way through February, with the peak happening in January.

Does it snow in Pakistan?

This, of course, leads to another very important questions, which is: does it snow during Christmas time? And the answer is yes, it does. Since snow season and winter time happen during the same months, you can hope to experience some fun in the snow during Christmas time!

🌨 Where does it snow in Pakistan?

We mentioned this before, but even when Pakistan does get snow during the winter time, it doesn’t happen all across the country. As a matter of fact, if you want to see some snow, you’ve to get to certain specific locations.

If you’re wondering just where does it snow in Pakistan, you might want to look for the Gilgit-Baltistan region, Chitral and the Karakoram region, since snowfalls usually happen in all of these places.

How much does it snow in Pakistan?

As to how much does it snow in Pakistan, is actually quite a lot, specially in the places we just mentioned before. Even when the rest of the country doesn’t get snow at all during the year.

To give you an idea, there’s an average of 60 inches, this of course, taking both rain and snow into consideration, but even so, it is quite a very high number for annual snow precipitation, especially in such a hot country.

Skiing in Pakistan

Now that you know more about Pakistan climate and crazy weather, let’s talk a little bit about the amazing places where you can go skiing in Pakistan and have the best time ever:

Kalash Valleys

If you’re ready to visit one of the most beautiful places in the country, while enjoy some snow in the fun, then this valley is definitely the place you want to stop at.

Malam Jabba

This is probably the biggest mountain and ski resort in the country and also the largest one, truly the best place for both beginners and expert snow sport enthusiasts.

Now, as to ski places, Pakistan only has these two locations, but don’t get discouraged, if you’re up to experience some fun in the snow that doesn’t revolve around skiing, you can still visit some of the places we mentioned before, trust us, they look like winter wonderland!