Does it snow in Poland?

Poland. The small yet full of culture, food and amazing architecture European country that not many people seem have as their favorite country of the region. Poland, with its unique natural locations, is the place we’re going to talk about today.

But we are not going to talk about all the beautiful places Poland has to offer, but rather about their incredible climate and whether or not does it snow in the country. Ready? Let’s go!










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    ❄ Does it snow in Poland? 🇵🇱

    ⛅ Climate of Poland

    Much like most countries in Europe (apart from Russia and Germany, of course), Poland is a small country packed between six other European countries and the sea on the other side.

    It is due to its small size and unique location in the world, that Poland gets its climate, one, that we must say, it’s pretty much stable throughout the whole country, something that it isn’t very common amongst European countries.

    Actually, most nations tend to have anywhere from four to six sub-climates (yes, even the smallest countries), but Poland is the exact same opposite from that, having just one main and three sub-climates.

    When you look at Poland’s climate, you’ll realize they have a mostly warm and humid continental weather, which means they tend to have really hot summer times and very, very cold winter times.

    That is the main climate of the whole country, however, it isn’t the only one, since Poland also experience three other different types of climates, which are: tundra, subarctic and oceanic climate.

    As you can see, the four climates that coexist within Poland are extremely similar to one another, and they are all known for being quite cold weathers, which means, of course, Poland is a rather cold country during most times of the year.

    Like we told you, unlike other European countries, Poland has a very unique weather that doesn’t really separate into different climates, making this country even more unique than before.

    🌨 When does it snow in Poland?

    Unlike most countries in the world, Poland does experience snow in almost all parts of the region during, and the places that don’t get snow, still get very low temperatures.

    Now, before we talk about when the snow season actually happens, let’s take a look at the four different climate seasons Poland goes through every year, which are:

    • Springtime happens from March all the way through May, with temperatures barely raising up to 51,8 °F (11 Cº) if you’re lucky enough. It is still a rather cold season, but really nice sunny days.
    • Then comes summer from June to August, which is when the hottest temperatures actually happen, with the average temperature going as high as 75,2 °F (24º), and sunny days happening almost every day.
    • Of course, after summer comes autumn, which happens  from September to November, and during which the temperatures begin to drop once more, with the average being around 55,4 °F (13º).
    • Then finally winter from December to February, a time during which temperatures are extremely low and usually stay under 26,6 °F (-3º) during the whole winter season.

    So, since winter time in Poland happens from December to February, you might be asking yourself: but, what about snow season? Well, let us tell you that they happen at the same time.

    Actually, snow season gets to its peak during January, when severely snowfalls might occur, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to experience them yourself and see a magical snow day with your own eyes!

    Of course, this means that it does snow during Christmas time as well. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking to experience the real winter-wonderland adventure during Christmas, then you must go to Poland during December!

    🌨 Where does it snow in Poland?

    Amongst the places you can look for snow during the winter time are:

    • Warsaw (the capital of Poland).
    • Sudetes.
    • Tatras (the mountain area of the country).

    There’s also chance you can encounter snow in the nearby regions, but it there won’t be as much as in those areas.

    How much does it snow in Poland?

    Like we mentioned before, Poland does get snow, but not as much as you might think, at least not in the non-mountain areas of the country, which tend to get very light snowfalls.

    Does it snow in Poland

    As to how much does it snow in Poland, you can take a look at the average precipitation number, and realize they get about 24 inches of precipitation (both snow and rain) throughout the whole year. Again, not much, but it’s definitely something!

    Skiing in Poland

    Of course, we couldn’t end this article without telling you the top 3 places to ski around in Poland! This small but great country has some very amazing ski resorts to offer such as:

    Szczyrk Mountain Resort

    Big, amazing and with breathtaking views, this resort is the perfect place to go with all of your family! Trust us, you’ll love every second of it.

    Bialka Tatrzanska Resort

    Classified as Poland’s top 2 ski resort (the first one is the one we just mentioned), this place has it all for you to come in and enjoy some nice winter sport time!


    Last, but definitely not least, this small but great ski resort will steal your heart away with its multiple snow slopes and breathtaking views!

    As you can see, Poland has a bit of everything for everyone! And if you’re all about having fun in the snow, then you definitely have to visit the country this next winter!
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