Does it snow in Romania?

Romania, one of the most beautiful and enigmatic countries of Europe. The country where Dracula comes from, where Bucharest is, where summers are really warm and the winters really cold.

And today, we are going to talk about exactly that, about the incredible climate of Romania, and everything this beautiful country has to offer to everyone that decides to visit!










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    ❄ Does it snow in Romania? 🇷🇴

    ⛅ Climate of Romania

    Like almost every country in Europe (apart from Russia and Germany, of course), Romania is actually rather a small country, although it is more on the medium size, at least when you look at it on the map.

    It is due to its small size and unique location in the world, that Romania gets its climate, one, that we must say, it’s pretty unique, and maybe not as regular as you might expect it to be.

    The very first thing you should know about Romania is that this country is a very cold one, with many sub-climates to prove it. But, this doesn’t necessary mean it is cold all year long, although we will talk about that later on.

    When you look at Romania’s climate, you’ll realize they have a mostly a cold and wet warm climate. Like we said, yes, they are a cold country, but they also a warm one (it’s complicated, but you’ll get it, that’s for sure).

    As to what is the main climate of Romania, is wet temperate continental, however, it isn’t the only one, since Romania also experience three other different types of climates, which are: alpine, cold continental and warm oceanic.

    As you can see, all the climates that coexist within Romania are extremely similar to one another, and they are all known for being quite cold weathers, which means, of course, Romania is a rather cold country during most times of the year.

    But don’t get confused, much like happens with other European countries, Romania is a cold country most of the time, but they also experience a really, really hot couple of months, so you better be prepared.

    🌨 When does it snow in Romania?

    Unlike most countries in the world, Romania does experience snow in almost all parts of the region during, and the places that don’t get snow, still get very low temperatures.

    Now, before we talk about when the snow season actually happens, let’s take a look at the four different climate seasons Romania goes through every year, which are:

    • To begin with, it’s springtime, which happens from March all the way through May, with temperatures raising up all the way to 62,6 °F (17 Cº) if the days are really sunny, and you’re lucky enough.
    • Then comes summer time from June to August, which is when the hottest temperatures actually happen, with the average temperature going as high as 84,2 °F (29º), and sunny days happening almost every day. Like we said, they get very very hot temperatures during this particular season.
    • Then, after summer comes autumn or fall, which happens from September to November, and during which the temperatures begin to drop once more, with the average being around 62,6 °F (17 Cº).
    • Finally we get to the winter time, which happens from December to February, a time during which temperatures are extremely low and usually stay under 23 °F (-5º) during the whole winter season.

    As you can see winter time in Romania happens from December to February, you might be asking yourself: but, what about snow season? Well, let us tell you that they happen at the same time.

    As it usually happens, winter time and snow time happen during the very same time, with snow season peaking during January, which is when the heaviest snowfalls.

    Of course, this means that it does snow during Christmas time as well. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking to experience the real winter-wonderland adventure during Christmas, then you must go to Romania during December!

    🌨 Where does it snow in Romania?

    The thing we Romania is that they do get snow almost everywhere across the country, and it snows a lot (like, actually a lot) so get prepared to see a lot of snowfall.

    Does it snow in Romania?

    Amongst the places you can look for snow during the winter time are: Bucharest, the mountain regions, Sibiu and Brașov. Of course, the best places to see really heavy snowfalls is in the mountain regions.

    How much does it snow in Romania?

    Like we mentioned before, Romania does get snow, even more than you might believe, but of course, the really heavy snow falls happen directly in the mountain areas of the country.

    As to how much does it snow in Romania, you can take a look at the average precipitation number, and realize they get about 23 inches of precipitation (both snow and rain) throughout the whole year.

    Skiing in Romania

    Now that you know everything about the climate in Romania, it is time for us to talk about the fun stuff! Meaning, talking about the best skiing places in Romania, such as:

    Poiana Brașov

    This place is literally just two hours away from Bucharest, it’s amazing, beautiful, and totally worth the drive there. Trust us, you’ll love it!

    Transalpina Ski Resort

    This might not be the biggest or most amazing ski resort, but it is really pretty, incredible and a really great place to go with your family!


    This place is specially perfect for those who are just beginning to ski and want something easy to start with! Plus, the views from this place are simply breathtaking!

    And that’s it! You are ready to travel to Romania during winter time and get to ski around the most beautiful mountains in the whole world, trust us, you’ll love it!

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