Does it snow in Turkey?

Turkey is perhaps one of the most amazing, yet incredibly underrated countries in the world. Full of culture, beautiful natural places and amazing architecture, Turkey really is a great place to visit.


    ❄ Snow in Turkey? 🇹🇷

    There’s another thing that’s great about Turkey that not too many people seem to be talking about, and that’s their climate. Believe it or not, Turkey has one of the most perfect climates in the world, and today we’re going to talk about it.










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    Climate of Turkey

    Turkey, like much of the countries in their region, isn’t too much of a big country, if anything it’s rather quite small, which of course this influences in their overall climate.

    You see, due to Turkey’s small size and their unique location in the globe, they are a country with many different subclimates. Unlike what you might think, they have way more climates than people usually expect from their small size.

    The reason behind it, like we just say, it’s due to its unique location, and the fact that Turkey is surrounded by Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which directly influence their climate.

    Turkey map
    Turkey map. Pictures: Wikipedia.

    That being said, Turkey has a grand total of eight different subclimates, all varying depending on the zone or region of the country, although there’s one main climate that reigns all over Turkey.

    This country is known for having a very warm, hot climate, and that’s because their main type of climate is a semi-arid climate, with warm mediterranean taking up most of the rest of the country.

    However, there are parts of Turkey that have a much more colder climate, such as the northern regions, which tend to experiment a temperate continental climate and a humid continental climate.

    This makes Turkey have period of very hot temperatures, with times of more cold and very low temperatures in some regions of the country, with specially wet winters and very, very dry summer times.

    Basically, Turkey is a country that even with its small size, they still have quite a wide range of climates that vary from region to region, and an overall very nice weather during the most parts of the years.

    When does it snow in Turkey? 🌨

    So, like we just noticed, Turkey is a small country, yes, but with a very unique and kinda hard to define weather, which makes it possible to snow in such a country, whether you believe it or not.

    However, it is true that it doesn’t snow in most parts of the country, and it sure doesn’t snow as much as you might expect. But before we talk about where does it snow, let’s talk about when, and more specifically, let’s talk about the four seasons in Turkey.

    Even when Turkey has so many different subclimates coexisting together in a single space, that doesn’t mean they don’t experience the four main seasons throughout the year, just like most countries in the world.

    • Let’s start talking about spring in Turkey, which happens from March to May and it’s overall the nicest season in the country, with very nice temperatures and sunny days.
    • Then comes summer, that happens from June to August, with very high temperatures and an overall dry and hot weather every day during these three months.
    • After summer comes fall or autumn, which happens from September to November, with an average temperatures of 55,4 °F (13º) to 68 °F (20º C), and colder breezes that announce that winter is coming.
    • Last, but definitely not least, is winter time, which happens from December all the way through February, with average temperatures getting below 32 °F (0º C) almost everyday.

    As you might have noticed by now, winter season and snow season both happen at the same time, which means it does snow during the months of December, January and February.

    Does it snow in Turkey?
    Lake in Turkey. Picture: Max Pixel.

    This might answer your question about whether or not does it snow during Christmas times, and the short answer is... yes! It does snow during Christmas time, so you might expect so snowfalls during the most beautiful time of the year!

    Where does it snow in Turkey? 🌨

    Like it usually happens in most countries, it doesn’t snow everywhere in Turkey, as a matter of fact, if you’re looking to see some snow, you might have to travel to some very specific locations.

    The city of Bolu, Kartepe, the northern part of the city of Bursa, Sarikamis and Palandöken are the snowiest places in all of Turkey, and where you can expect to see some very amazing snowfalls!

    How much does it snow in Turkey?

    It is extremely important to mention that just like it doesn’t snow in every region of Turkey, you can’t expect snowfalls to be the same in every region that it does snow, since it doesn’t work like that.

    Does it snow in Turkey?
    Snow landscape in Turkey. Pictures: Max Pixel.

    According to the annual precipitation charts, Turkey gets about 15 inches of precipitation every year, and yes, those numbers include every snowfall that happens in the country!

    Skiing in Turkey

    Fine, now you know about when does it snow in Turkey, which places to go to see some snow and how much snow there’s is, but let’s get to the fun part, where to ski in Turkey? Well, here are some places you might want to check out:

    Central Anatolia

    There’s a very popular and beautiful ski resort here that is basically one giant snow slope perfect for everyone (beginner or expert) to go skiing around for a bit!

    Uludag Ski Resort

    Are you looking for an amazing and beautiful ski resort that also happens to be the oldest one in the whole country? Then this is the right one for you.

    Palandoken Ski Resort

    This particular one is one of Turkey’s biggest and largest ski resort; it’s perfect for everyone and you will be able to do so much more than just ski!

    Now you know you can find everything in Turkey: from beautiful natural places surrounded by trees and flowers during the summer, to incredible snow slopes during the winter time! So, what are you waiting for? Go
    discover Turkey!

    Now you know you can find everything in Turkey: from beautiful natural places surrounded by trees and flowers during the summer, to incredible snow slopes during the winter time! So, what are you waiting for? Go discover Turkey! More countries, regions and cities in Does It Snow homepage.

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