Does it snow in Grand Canyon?

Does it snow in Grand Canyon? Yes, it does! During the 166-day Grand Canyon snow season, this region receives at least one inch of snow on a rolling 31-day interval.

The result of erosion generated by the Colorado River over six million years, the Grand Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of Colorado, is one of the deepest and most impressive land depressions in the Americas (with a length of 277,132 miles, a depth of just over 1 mile, and an amplitude that oscillates between 3.97 and 18.02 miles).

Due to its particular geology, the Grand Canyon enjoys great popularity worldwide, as shown by its large tourist influx and the recreational activities carried out in this American national park.

Beyond this general information, one might wonder: Does it snow in Grand Canyon? Continue reading, and discover the answer to the central question of this article.


    Snow in Grand Canyon?

    Snow in Grand Canyon

    Contrary to popular belief, winter temperatures recorded at the Grand Canyon are considerably cold, reaching temperatures close to freezing between November 20 and March 4.

    For this reason, it is not surprising that the cold season of the Grand Canyon is also the period with the most significant snow activity in said national park.

    Curious fact

    On average, the Grand Canyon’s snow season runs from November 6 through April 21.

    On the other hand, although snow is not a rare meteorological phenomenon in the Grand Canyon, it does not usually stay long on its mountains and cliffs. However, occasionally, snow may remain much longer than usual in the Grand Canyon due to larger-magnitude weather events. 

    The climate of Grand Canyon


    According to the Köppen climate classification, Grand Canyon exhibits a Mediterranean Hot-summer climate (Csa) throughout its 3,060,874 square miles of territorial extension, which translates into dry, hot, and mostly clear summers, and freezing, snowy, and partly cloudy winters.

    Generally, the climatic behavior of the Grand Canyon tends to develop around two well-defined patterns:

    • Temperate season: it runs from June 2 to September 11, with temperatures ranging from 84 °F to 44 °F.
    • Cold season: it runs from November 20 to March 4, with temperatures ranging from 50 °F to 22 °F.
    • Rainy season: lastly, as far as its monthly average rainfall is concerned, the Grand Canyon is characterized by having a long rainy season (from June 29 to March 1) and of low intensity, with average rainfall that is generally around half an inch during the little more than eight months that this season lasts.

    Summer weather characteristics

    • Average high: 79.75 °F (26.5 °C.)
    • Average low: 45.75 °F (7.6 °C.)
    • Average rainy days per summer month: 5.28.

    Winter weather characteristics

    • Average high: 46.25 °F (7.9 °C.)
    • Average low: 19.5 °F (-6.9 °C.)
    • Average rainy days per winter month: 1.13.
    • Average snowfall per winter month: 3.95 inches (10 cm.)

    Precipitation and other weather characteristics

    • Average precipitation: 16.2 inches (41.1 cm.)

    When does it snow in Grand Canyon? 🌨

    Where does it snow in Grand Canyon?

    Does it snow in Grand Canyon in October?

    Yes, it might snow in October. From this month, it is possible to see the first snowfall of the year in the Grand Canyon.

    Does it snow in Grand Canyon in November?

    Yes, it does! The snow season officially begins in November.

    Does it snow in Grand Canyon in December?

    Yes, it does! Once winter begins, snowfall peaks in the Grand Canyon, receiving, on average, 3.6 inches of snow (over 31 days on a sliding scale, centered on the day in question.)

    Does it snow in Grand Canyon in January?

    Yes, it does! January is the snowiest month in Grand Canyon, with an average snow accumulation of 4.6 inches.

    Does it snow in Grand Canyon in February?

    Yes, it does! The snowfall remains almost unabated in February, maintaining relatively similar levels.

    Does it snow in Grand Canyon in March?

    Yes, it does! Despite being the last month of winter, snowfall remains above three inches of accumulation on average.

    Does it snow in Grand Canyon in April?

    Yes, it does! Through April 21, light snowfall is possible in the Grand Canyon.

    How much does it snow in Grand Canyon? 🌨

    Below, we present a table on the average accumulated snowfall in 31 days (centered on the day in question):

    Snow4,6 in4.2 in3.4 in1.3 in0.2 in0.0 in0.0 in0.0 in0.0 in0.3 in1.5 in3.6 in

    How much does it snow in Grand Canyon?

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