Does it snow in Vietnam?

Vietnam, the tiny little Asian country that’s packed with nothing but beautiful natural place after beautiful natural place, being one of the most amazing countries in the whole world.

But Vietnam isn’t just great because of all their amazing natural places, but because of their climate as well. And today we’re going to take a couple of minutes to talk about Vietnam’s amazing weather.


    ❄ Snow in Vietnam? 🇻🇳

    Does it snow in Vietnam? Yes, but only in very specific areas.

    Climate of Vietnam


    Much like most Asian countries, Vietnam is a very small country, with an extremely unique location that directly contributes to their very nice weather almost all year long.

    Overall, Vietnam has a very nice climate that it’s sometimes overshadowed by heavy rains and strong winds, but other than that, you could  say this little Asian country is very similar to heaven on earth.

    Now, although Vietnam is a small country, it is also quite large, which also directly influence their climate, since the same temperatures and weather don’t apply to every region in the country.


    That being said, Vietnam itself has a total of of two main climates that reign all over the country, which are quite similar to one another, but different enough that they can cause different subclimates within the region:

    • First, you have the tropical climate, which is characterized  by being a non arid climate with very nice temperatures most of the year, and with many, many rains across most months.
    • Then you also have the temperate zone, which is known for having a much more regular temperatures all year around, without experience any extreme temperatures (not too hot not too cold).

    The fact that these are the two main types of climates in Vietnam make this country a little bit peculiar, since they don’t experience the four seasonal changes the same way most countries do.

    Now, we will talk about that in just a second, but for now, you should know that overall, Vietnam is very well known all over the world for having one of the nicest climates all over the world.

    When does it snow in Vietnam? 🌨

    Like we just mentioned, Vietnam doesn’t experience the four seasonal changes the very same way most European and Asian countries do, since their climate doesn’t really allow four seasons.

    You see, since they do have a temperate and a tropical climate, which means they can be tagged as a tropical country, they don’t really go through summer, spring, winter and autumn as everyone else does.

    Let’s put it this way, they do have those four seasons, but they aren’t as drastically different as you would expect. If anything, you could say they only have two main different seasons, which are the dry period and the wet period.

    Wet period

    There’s the cold season, which we would normally call winter time which happens all the way from November through April. During this time you can expect temperatures to drop and heavy rainfalls to happen.

    Temperatures are more likely to be even lower if you move towards the northern regions, where it tends to get a little bit colder during these months, although it isn’t really nothing too extreme.

    Dry period

    Then comes the dry period, which happens from May all the way up to October. This period is known if having very hot temperatures almost every day and not rainfall at all.

    During these months, the humidity in Vietnam tends to be really present, and that, mixed with the very high temperatures, can result in people feeling even more hot than regular.

    Map of Vietnam
    Climate classification map for Vietnam. Wikipedia.

    Keep in mind, these are the two main periods Vietnam goes through, although you could say they still experience spring just as well, only that this season happens right when the cold season is ending and the hot season is starting, and it doesn’t really last too long.

    As you can see, Vietnam is one of the very few countries that can say they enjoy a very nice weather almost all year long, even when it’s pouring rain, they aren’t really experience any major or extreme changes in the temperatures, which is always nice.

    Now, before we end this, let’s talk about whether or not doesn’t it snow during Christmas time (you know, having in mind snow season does happen during December to February) and the answer is yes, but not in every region of the country.

    Where does it snow in Vietnam? 🌨

    I know it’s hard to believe that it actually snows in such a tropical country that really doesn’t experience any type of drastic changes in the temperature, but it does happen.

    If you’re looking to see some snow in Vietnam, you basically have to travel to the highlands of the country, and visit places such as Mau Son Mountain, Sapa in Lao Cai and Hoang Lien Son Mountain.

    Basically, if you are wondering where does it snow in Vietnam, the answer is... up in the northern region, in the mountain areas. Otherway, you won’t be able to see snow anywhere else in the country.

    How much does it snow in Vietnam? 🌨

    Now, since Vietnam is a tropical country, expecting a lot of snow (like you would do if you were visiting Russia) however, it does snow, and the numbers aren’t as slow as you might expect.

    That being said, the average snowfall in Vietnam is around 65,9 inches, although these numbers do include rainfalls, since they do happen quite a lot in Vietnam, specially during the wet period or season.

    Skiing in Vietnam ⛷️

    We know, talking about skiing in Vietnam when most people visit this country with the intention of simply going to the beach, it’s quite odd, but it does happen, and you can go skiing in Vietnam!

    However, Vietnam doesn’t really have ski resorts or big snow slopes like other countries, but they do have an indoor ski resort you can visit any time of the year, and it’s called the Snow Town.

    That being said, you’re finally ready to visit Vietnam! You want to see some snow? You got it! You want to visit the world’s most beautiful beaches? You got it! Vietnam has everything you need in one single place.

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