Does it snow in France?

France. The country that has the Eiffel tower, that has the most romantic city in the world. The country of baguettes, delicious restaurants and incredible gardens…

Without a doubt, France itself is a work of art. But what about their unique weather? What’s their climate like? How is France during the winter time? Well, we’re about to find out!









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❄ Does it snow in France? 🇫🇷

⛅ Climate of France

Overall, the climate of this beautiful country is temperate, meaning they have a pretty nice weather almost all year long, with decent temperatures even during the beginning of winter.

However, France, as other countries in Europe and North America, is divided into very different climates, which makes the country experience different temperature levels depending on the region of the country.

In total, France has four different climates within its borders.

Mediterranean climate

It goes along south-eastern France. Mediterranean climates brings very nice hot summer times with a heavy rain during the winter times.

Continental climate

It goes across central and eastern France. The continental climate brings way colder winters and hotter summers.

Oceanic climate

It extends over the western side of the country. The oceanic climate is usually very rainy, with a very few changes on temperatures all year long.

Mountain climate

Is only experienced on the highest points of the country. Mountain climate is responsible for heavy rainfalls and snowfalls.

🌨 When does it snow in France?

France has the incredibly privilege of have four complete seasons, even with such different climates coexisting in the same country. Winter, spring, autumn and winter all happen in France.

  • The spring time usually happens from March to May.
  • Then there’s summer time, which happens from June all the way to September.
  • Of course the days get colder as autumn comes in from October to December.
  • And then, finally, winter time, from December to March.

Of course, it is during winter time when France experience snow season and gets all white and pretty, looking like winter wonderland in most places! During the rest of the seasons you can expect some cold days and even heavy rainfalls, but never snow.

You might be wondering whether or not does it snow during Christmas time, and the answer is yes, it does! However, don’t expect heavy snowfalls during this date, because the presence of snow is usually very light just yet, although it can get more intense as the winter gets to its peak!

To sum it up, yes, it does snow in France and it does during winter time, and yes it does snow during Christmas. However, don’t be expecting any snowfall, because that’s not what you’ll get.

🌨 Where does it snow in France?

The main place where it snows in this incredibly country is, of course, the Alps, meaning the mountains. However, there are some cities and regions that get their fair amount of snow during winter time as well.

Does it snow in France?

Let’s start with the most famous city in all of France: Paris. Yes, that’s right, it does snow in Paris, as it does in Strasbourg, Megève, Chamonix, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Foix and Pau.

As you might have noticed, most of these places are really close to the Alps, which is why they experience snowfalls when most regions of France don’t get this privilege. 

How much does it snow in France?

It depends on the region. As to Alps, you’ll be surprised it gets an average of an impressive 20 inches of fresh snow during the peak of winter season, which happens around the first days of January and lasts all the way up to February.

However, other cities such as Paris only get an average of 11 inches of fresh snow in total during the whole winter season. Meanwhile regions such as Pau only get as much as 2 inches of snow during the whole winter.

Skiing in France

Every place we are about to mention is located in the French Alps, and that’s due to a very good reason: there’s no other place on Earth as breathtaking and perfect to ski on than the French Alps during winter.

Three Valleys ski area

This place is actually relatively close to Paris. It has amazing slopes to go do some skiing and the views don’t have comparison to anything else in the world. It’s the perfect place for those looking for a much less crowded skiing place in France!

Val Cenis

You are looking for a little French town that has the beautiful mountains just nearby and an amazing ski resort? Then Val Cenis is definitely the right place for you! Trust us, you’ll love it.

Saint Gervais-Les-Bains

This place is for those looking for a more calm, chilled ski resort. There are a great variety of slopes, the town is just nearby, and you can easily get there from Paris!