Does it snow in Paris?

Known worldwide as The City of Love or The City of Lights, Paris, the capital and most populous city of France, is undoubtedly the place that every traveler wants to visit at least once in their life.

Paris is one of the best-known cities internationally, not only for its majestic monuments but also for its gastronomy, bohemia, and all the aura of art and cultural mysticism that covers this city.

Despite having suffered the ravages of war for much of the current Contemporary Age, today, Paris stands as one of the main nerve centers of Western art, history, and culture in Europe, becoming one of the main tourist destinations for lovers of history and art around the world.

The museums of Paris are full of modern and contemporary art of all kinds: paintings, sculptures, and much more. If you are an art lover, Paris is the right place for you.

Thus, if you plan to travel and tour Europe, do not forget to visit the city of Paris. Incredible tourist attractions await you there, such as the famous Eiffel Tower, the ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, the Montmartre hill, the Les Invalides architectural complex, the Palace of Versailles, and the Gothic royal chapel of Sainte-Chapelle. 


    Snow in Paris?

    Does it snow in Paris? The short answer is yes (technically speaking). Nevertheless, it is important to highlight certain aspects of this question.

    Even though the Parisian winter is cold (enough cold to allow night frosts with relative frequency), the climatic conditions of Paris do not favor the development and accumulation of snow during the winter.

    Snow in Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower (Paris)
    Snow in Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower (Paris).

    Thus, despite being a recurring phenomenon in Parisian winters, snowfalls are not intense enough to accumulate on the ground. Indeed, it has rarely achieved such a feat.

    The last biggest snowfall recorded in Paris occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. That morning, the Parisian streets exhibited a snowpack of 12 cm (4.72 inches), a historical event unthinkable for Parisians.

    The climate of Paris


    According to the Köppen climate classification, Paris exhibits an oceanic climate (Cfb) throughout its territory.

    Same as most Western European cities, the Paris weather is affected by the North Atlantic Ocean current, so it's no surprise that, generally, its climate remains humid and mild throughout the year.

    As far as the seasons are concerned, the Parisian summer is slightly warm and pleasant, while the winter is cold, especially at night (although without being considered extreme).

    On the other hand, spring and autumn do not have well-defined characteristics, although, on average, they exhibit warm days and cool nights.

    MAP of PARIS

    Summer weather characteristics

    • Highest record temperature: 108.7 °F / 42.6 °C (July 25th, 2019).
    • Average high: 74.32 °F (23.5 °C).
    • Daily mean: 66.17 °F (18.9 °C).
    • Average low: 58.1 °F (14.5 °C).
    • Average precipitation per summer month: 2.085 inches (5.3 cm).
    • Average precipitation days per summer month (≥ 0.01 inches): 8.

    Winter weather characteristics

    • Lowest record temperature: -11 °F / -23.8 °C (December 10th, 1879).
    • Average high: 47.85 °F (8.8 °C).
    • Daily mean: 43.15 °F (6.1 °C).
    • Average low: 38.37 °F (3.5 °C).
    • Average precipitation per winter month: 1.94 inches (4.9 cm).
    • Average precipitation days per winter month (≥ 0.01 inches): 10.1.

    Precipitation and other weather characteristics

    • Average annual precipitation: 25.2 inches (64 cm).

    When does it snow in Paris? 🌨

    Snow in Pont Alexandre III (Paris)
    Snow in Pont Alexandre III (Paris).

    Does it snow in Paris in November? 

    Yes, it might snow in November. Although, the odds are extremely low.

    Does it snow in Paris in December? 

    Yes, it might snow in December. On average, two days of light snowfall are expected during this month. 

    Does it snow in Paris in January? 

    Yes, it does! January is the second snowiest month in Paris (only surpassed by February). 

    Does it snow in Paris in February?

    Yes, it does! Indeed, the last-great snowfall (4.72 inches of snowpack) recorded in Paris occurred on February 7th, 2018. 

    Does it snow in Paris in March? 

    Yes, it might snow in March. On average, at least one day of light snowfall is expected.

    Does it snow in Paris in April?

    Yes, it might snow in April. Although, the odds are extremely low (as low as in November).

    How much does it snow in Paris? 🌨

    Next, we present an informative table on different climatological parameters of Paris, which includes the average snowy days expressed in inches:

    Average low (°F)36.937.041.545.151.656.860.460.354.949.342.438.147.8
    Record low (°F)5.75.515.625.731.837.636.943.335.225.26.8−11.0−11.0
    Average precipitation
    Average precipitation days
    (≥ 0.01 inches)
    Average snowy days3.

    Informative table on different climatological parameters of Paris

    The above data comes from climatic data provided by Météo-France (the French national meteorological service) and corresponds to Park Montsouris (a public park located in the south of Paris).

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