Does it snow in Japan?

Having a predominantly temperate weather, Japan is one of the few lucky countries in the world that can enjoy nice sunny days most of the year. However, there are some occasions in which snow makes an appearance in the country, transforming everything into winter wonderland.









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    ❄ Does it snow in Japan? 🇯🇵

    ⛅ Climate of Japan

    Like we previously stated, Japan has a predominantly nice weather, meaning a temperate one, with sunny days and high temperatures present almost all year long.

    As a whole, this incredibly beautiful and culturally rich country has a nice climate. However, it can vary greatly depending on the zone. Basically, the climate can vary whether you are in the north or the south of Japan.

    The coldest temperatures are usually experienced in the northernmost part of the country, including zones like Hokkaido, in which you can expect to experience a very cold winter, but a very hot and nice summer. Whilst on other zones, such like Tokyo, the climate is considerably warm all year long and their winter isn’t as hard as you would expect.

    When it comes to the climate in the coasts of Japan you can expect to experience a very hot yet humid climate due to its location. Heavy rains are also very common in these particular zones of Japan.

    As you might have started to notice, the climate in Japan is extremely different depending on where you are going. In some parts, the weather is warmer even during the winter, while in others is way more humid and rainy, not to mention they have greater amounts of snow during the winter season.

    🌨 When does it snow in Japan?

    Although the climate can vary and change depending on the zone you are located, the truth is all Japan has snow falls every winter season, whether it is in major conditions or just very little snow.

    As to when does it snow in Japan, well, during the winter! Japan is one of the many country lucky enough to have four seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn), and as you would expect, it tends to rain way more and snow heavily during the winter time.

    As to how often does it snow in Japan, it depends on the season and the month of the season. There usually isn’t any snow during autumn or spring, and even during the very first days of winter. As the snow season progresses, you will experience quite a lot of snowfalls.

    Now, let’s talk a bit about this famous snow season in Japan, which regularly starts from November to May, although it can change drastically depending on the region of the country.

    • In the colder zones snow season starts exactly at the beginning or middle of November, and ends during the very first days (sometimes first week) of May, being an extremely long snow season.
    • In other zones of Japan snow season isn’t as long as you would think, starting a bit later in November, following all the way through February, being a bit shorter snow season than the one experienced in the northernmost zones.

    If you are still wondering whether does it snow during winter time, the short answer is yes, it does, but again, depending on where you are. While in the regions like Asahikawa, Niseku and Otaru tends to have heavy snowfalls during the winter, other cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka get little to no snow during the winter time.

    To sum it up winter time starts from November-December all the way through February-May. However, snow season doesn’t really start until December and it has its peak time during February, ending usually at the ends of that month or ending in May.

    🌨 Where does it snow in Japan?

    Since it doesn’t snow all over country but rather in some regions and towns, knowing where does it snow in Japan is extremely important. But before we get to where it snows, let’s talk about where it doesn’t.

    The places that get less amount snow (even no snow at all sometimes) are Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, being the regions where there’s very little to no snow during the winter. As to the places that does snow Aomori, Asahikawa, Otaru, Niseku, Biei, Sapporo, Nyuto, Yokote, Yuzawa, Tokamachi, Shiga Kogen and all other nearby regions.

    ⛷ Skiing in Japan

    Japan is surrounded by beautiful, incredibly mountains that get full of snow during every winter time, making them the perfect place for skiing and other winter activities! And, if you are looking for the very ski resorts in the country, here are great places you might want to check out.

    Does it snow in Japan?

    Niseko Ski Resort

    Located near the region of Sapporo, Niseko is one of the most famous ski resort on the whole country, and for a good reason. It’s beautiful, it has multiple ski ramps for different levels and you can choose to stay at the stunning Grand Hirafu Resort, located within Niseko mountain.

    Appi Kogen

    If you’re looking for a beautiful view, a nice mountain to ski down from and staying at a typical Japanese Resort, then Appi Kogen is the place you will want to visit anytime during the winter season.


    Japan is full of incredible mountains to ski around, but none quite like Furano. It’s perfect if you are going on a family trip, since this particular ski resort has many fun winter activities for families that come to visit, not to mention the amazing views you get from the mountain top.

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