Does it snow in Tokyo?

If you are going to Tokyo, Japan, in the hopes you can get to experience snow falls and winter wonderland, we have some bad news for you: there isn’t snow in Tokyo. Sadly, at least not in the way you might think.

Tokyo. One of Japan’s most famous cities where people from all over the world go to get a glimpse of the country’s culture, appreciate the amazing architecture, and of course, be impressed by the technology around them.

If you are planning to go to Tokyo, Japan, anytime soon, you might want to know everything about Tokyo’s weather: Does it snow in tokyo? How much does it snow? When does it snow? And we’ve got all the answers.


    Climate of Tokyo


    Japan itself is a very changing country when it comes to their weather, and so it happens almost every city has a different climate than the others. And luckily for most, Tokyo is located in one of the best climate zones of the country.

    You see, while most of the country is usually towards the coldest zones, which causes the winters to be specially harsh, however, Tokyo is not one of those cities. It is actually the complete opposite.

    Tokyo is located right in the humid subtropical climate zone, which translate to this city being located right in between subtropical weather, allowing the city to enjoy hotter summers and not so cold winters.

    The general climate you can expect from Tokyo during the summer, spring and even autumn is nice. The temperatures don’t drop too much, and there’s always a nice warm weather almost all year around.

    The highest temperatures happen during the summer time, reaching a maximum of 80.6 °F (27º C), and the coldest happen during the winter time, reaching a minimum of 41 °F (5º C.)

    The weather reports includes the weather conditions of precipitation and rainfall and the climate of Tokyo has a drier winter and wetter summer.

    MAP of TOKYO

    When does it snow Tokyo? 🌨

    Like we mentioned earlier, the huge city of Tokyo, Japan, is located within the almost tropical zone of the country, which makes it especially difficult for there to get heavy snowfalls, since the temperatures aren’t the right ones most of the time.

    Now, there is a chance you can get to experience snow while in Tokyo, but it will be a very small, light snowfall, and the only real chance you might get, is during winter season. Specifically during its peak.

    As to when is the snow season in Tokyo, it happens during winter, as you would expect. Tokyo, as does the rest of Japan, has a total of four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

    Things might start to feel a bit colder when autumn starts, but even so, the temperatures tend to be somewhat warm and maintain a regular temperature most of the days.

    Atypical snowy day in Tokyo
    Atypical snowy day in Tokyo (year 2014). Flickr.

    Then, winter season begins. Starting the very first days of December, all the way through February. During this time the temperature drops considerable, although not too much. At least not until January, when it reaches its peak and you can experience the lowest temperatures.

    Technically, you could say it does snow during winter time, although don’t be expecting heavy snowfalls of any kind. Tokyo experiences very light snowfall to almost none, even during the peak of winter season.

    To summy it up, snow season beings during December, ends in February and peaks during January. It is during this month that you can expect some snowfall (not too many), before temperatures come back to normal.

    How much does it snow in Tokyo? 🌨

    Like we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t snow too much in Tokyo, actually, when it does snow, it is very light, and it is only enough to cover just a bit of the streets, turning easily into water the next day.

    If you are looking for a heavy snowfall that covers everything in white, then Tokyo isn’t for you (although there are other cities and zones in Japan's when it does rain a lot.)

    The average rainfall is about 60.4 inches (1535 mm) a year and the average annual snowfall in Tokyo is less than 0.07 inches (2 mm) as the snow is accumulated rarely in some areas of Tokyo and there is no snow in the temples near Tokyo.

    Skiing in Tokyo ⛷️

    Although it doesn’t snow in Tokyo, not even enough to make be a place where people can go skiing, the city is located near other popular skiing destinations such as:


    If you are looking for a winter wonderland getaway in one of the prettiest mountains you’ve ever seen, then Karuizawa is the right place for you. Plus, the town surround it the mountain is prepared to receive tourist with tons of shoppings posts and nice places to eat!

    Mount Fuji/Fuji Five Lake

    Mount Fuji is already extremely well known all around the world, but during winter time Fuji Five Lake is the best option to skiing around and having some winter time while you’re in Japan!

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